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Cheraldine's Swap Shop!!

Hello readers and Welcome to the I be's Cheraldine Swap shop! I also have a Flickr set for swaps too Check it out here

I love to have mini swaps on my blog to swap out some fabrics I know I won't use for fabrics I can use! So every week or so this page will be updated with the fabric that's up for grabs.

Each swap will be different and will range in a number of squares or FQ's. In return for any swap I'd always like the same amount of fabric I have on offer back in return. I don't have a problem with shipping international (for me that's US-AUS) as long as your willing to post to me in the UK.
If you see something you like leave me a comment and I'll email you back to see what you have. Please provide a picture of the fabric/s you have on offer to swap.

I love scraps of usable, or maybe to you unusable sizes as one of my projects requires any size scraps. So for the smaller squares an exchange of scraps would be fine.
Just to save a little time I'll tell you the fabrics I'm not looking for.

  • No batiks-Never been a fan of them
  • No small floral prints
  • No religious prints
The fabrics I am looking for
  • Modern prints-any design, but some nice bright colours
  • Tone on tone prints
  • Colour on white prints
  • Rainbow colours 

I request all fabric be 100% cotton and come from a smoke free house. I don't mind if it's not designer as long as you have the picture. 

So without further delay here's what's available at this time. 

All designers are unknown, but they are all 100% cotton fabrics. I'm looking for charms or scraps for these as long as the scraps are larger than 3" squares.

1. 10" square

2. 9.5 x 9.5" square

3. 11.5 x 9.5"

4. 10 x 9.5"

5. Lace type ribbon 34" x 2.5"

6. 10" Square
7. 10" square

8. 10" Square

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