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Monday, 4 June 2012

Official 150th Post! Giveaway!

Hello all lovely readers, followers, know who you are!
In spirit of today I have decided to open my GIVEAWAY to all bloggers out there...ones I follow and comment on your blogs often....those that I email all the time...(You also know who you are)
The same rules apply only now more of you can enter. So click the link..answer the questions and good luck!
Please remember its one comment 3 answers. If you leave separate comments you will still only be entered once!

 Today I decided to make a prototype of the pouch for the GIVEAWAY.
I grabbed prints in my favourite colours and set to work. The pouch is loosely based on the Keyka Lou-Pixie Handbag, only I tweaked it a lot to fit in with being a pouch.
I added wadding instead of interfacing, no flap-instead a zip.
This will be staying with me as the zipper is messed up. I will make a brand new one for the winner as well as the other goodies.
Make note this is the second zippered pouch I've ever made so the prototype was necessary.

All fabrics for this pouch came from SurlySheep, with the exception of the striped fabric which came in a scrap bundle from FabricShoppe
The fabric and the rather stiff zipper

Right sides facing 

One zipper end looks great! The other not so much!

Candy stripe fabric

Here is that other zipper end....I must have sewn too close to the tabs as it wouldn't turn out at all...hence why I'm keeping it!

Both sides of the pouch. You know I'm not a the whole thing must match person. Although the fabric looks yellow, it is a slightly darker orange tone.

After sewing up the pouch I was sat thinking of what to do next, ways to improve the pouch and what on my list didn't involve me waiting for anything to be delivered (I'm getting some stamps/ink for my Zakka Style sewing kits found these ones as well as some others)

I actually sewed down those Polaroids on my 'Scrapbook style pages'...I had to be sure the paint was fully dry. I need to add so writing to 4 of them, sash all blocks then they will be done for now. (I need to get a better fabric pen first)

I then before dinner managed to sew up the first HST block in preparation to become some circular pillows (Fathers bright idea)
The one in the photo isn't actually sewn up, I forgot to take a picture of it done, but this is essentially how it looks (only sewn together). 1 block down 3 to go.

Well that's all from me tonight (its 10.37pm!) Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. cute pouch! you have been a busy bee! so have I sewing your case tomorrow and posting Wednesday all being well! xxxx

  2. Congratulations on your 150th post. I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. Love the Polaroids! I'd really like to try that block!

  4. Such a cute pouch!! I love the colors you choose and I love the zipper:) Girl I wish we lived closer!

  5. Great pouch, and so useful a size! I'm looking forward to seeing your sashed blocks and what this will look like. I'm liking it even as a collage right now!

  6. I love the colour combination!!

  7. I love that pouch - the colours are great! Off to find your give away post!
    P.S. Good luck with the circular cushions!

  8. love the pouch and the colours are fabulous

  9. Cute - damn zips - so often 'not quite right' - but do persevere!

  10. lovely pouch. I am determined to make some too so will definitely come back and see how you did it.


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