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Thursday, 18 December 2014

It's been HOW long!

I've just noticed its been almost a month if not longer since I posted. I have been instagramming away however.....That was until my account was mysteriously deleted...Has this happened to anyone else? Luckily none of my pictures were lost and I have dropboxed them all for safe keeping.

I'm sure you want to know what I've been up to?

I joined the #igminiswap earlier in the year and this was the quilt I made. I even made my own binding..I don't do binding like ever....This was a first..... Plus I tried my hand at paper piecing...Again this was a first with a pattern..and it went well! I'll be doing this again!!

I went to a German Christmas market in Birmingham with Mother Dearest..

I reorganised my stash...and discovered I still don't have enough storage for it...
There are only so many places tubs can go! Under my bed is occupied already!

I've made a few more cakes with Father... We now have a facebook page up and running..check it out and tell your friends! 

Then as one swap was ending another had to start so I joined the #UKminiswap

The end of this year is also set to be busy! In the run up to New Years we have a few more cakes....not sure how much sewing will be involved...

IbeCheraldine!! =]