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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fugly Fabric Party

Found this from the VeryBerryHandmade website and thought it was a rather good idea. I have some fabrics that I know i probably won't use so I'll be joining this swap.
Charm About You

Random Sewing Projects for the upcoming weeks.

I've been looking online for fresh ideas of things to make and have come across some helpful websites with guides and the like this is one thing I plan on making... I've been on this site quite a few times and through it found some very interesting makes and other websites that have fueled my crafting bug.
I've just received another bundle of fabrics :D. Decided on re-taking the pictures with my camera I have a few more fabrics to snap, but that will be done all in good time. I'll upload them all together at the weekend.

Monday, 30 January 2012

The annoying mobile Phone!

The start of a brand new blog. I was Getting bored at the weekends sitting about doing nothing as my weekdays consist of getting up early-4am- going to work, coming home-2pm- eating, having a nap, eating again then going to bed. Ha!
I decided to get back into sewing and patch working as I made a quilt about a year ago now. On my phone I've taken some pictures...will it let me upload them though? Me thinks not. I completely forgot I have a good working camera, which I could have used instead to take the pictures. Maybe I'll try the phone again tomorrow when I'm not heading off to bed.
This mobile though, seriously I don't know why I thought it was a wise investment....Anyone else annoyed by the Nokia Lumia 800?
So watch this space for further developments to my crafting genius and those pictures I have yet to upload to my computer. xx