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Monday, 30 January 2012

The annoying mobile Phone!

The start of a brand new blog. I was Getting bored at the weekends sitting about doing nothing as my weekdays consist of getting up early-4am- going to work, coming home-2pm- eating, having a nap, eating again then going to bed. Ha!
I decided to get back into sewing and patch working as I made a quilt about a year ago now. On my phone I've taken some pictures...will it let me upload them though? Me thinks not. I completely forgot I have a good working camera, which I could have used instead to take the pictures. Maybe I'll try the phone again tomorrow when I'm not heading off to bed.
This mobile though, seriously I don't know why I thought it was a wise investment....Anyone else annoyed by the Nokia Lumia 800?
So watch this space for further developments to my crafting genius and those pictures I have yet to upload to my computer. xx