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Monday, 30 November 2015


Do you ever feel a little lost sometimes? You're sat trying to remember what it was you were doing or maybe why you started something in the first place?

I started this blog years ago intending to have something to add perhaps everyday. Everyday became every week, then every month then in some cases not at all. Real life seemed to catch up big time and before I knew it the years had whizzed by and I had no idea what I'd been doing. This year was the holiday year. I wanted to travel this year. See what was further than my doorstep. I've been away with family. I've gone away with friends, but I've never really gone anywhere alone. I did feel like booking a random hotel and just escaping for a few days to clear my thoughts. Regroup remember why I started things.

My Etsy shop for example. That was finally opened at the start of the year. I didn't think I would get any sales but eventually they came in. Then nothing. I guess it's all about patience, waiting and waiting then perhaps a little more waiting. I did ponder for a long time before opening the shop thinking "Is this a good idea?" "Will anyone want to buy what I've made?" "Am I selling the right things" "Are my prices too high....too low?" I've tried many things looking through the forums, joining a few teams. Promoting isn't that big a help I've discovered. Maybe I'm giving up too easily, but after a few months of trying I think "What's the point?"

I wish I had more to say, more to add, but I don't nothing groundbreaking has happened and it's nearly the end of the year. Still here's to hoping

IBeCheraldine =?

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Quilty Little Secrets!

Check out my latest post on the Quilty little secrets blog. To see some behind the scenes products as well as some newly listed.

Watch this space

IBeCheraldine =]