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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Fresh Starts

Hello fellow bloggers It's still me IBeCheraldine! Hope you all had a wonderful new year.

This year I made a vow to myself that I would make more time for both my family and my sewing. It has been going well so far actually! I've been spending more time in the evening with the family whether watching rubbish TV or throwing in a movie. I realise they are important people and spending time laughing and joking with them isn't so bad!

Sewing wise I've been working away like crazy making new items to list in my Etsy store Quilty Little Secrets I still have to take pictures, but the progress has been great! Going back to The Colour Scheme Project  I have given myself a kick up the backside and have started quilting them ready to be photographed and listed in the not too distant future (or when the weather gets nicer again....)

I realised quilting doesn't have to be complicated at all. When I stopped overthinking ideas came to me and it was easier than I thought. I still love sewing and will continue to keep up the momentum to make more items especially quilts.

So watch this space and also check out my Shop Blog for even more behind the scenes goodies..

IBeCheraldine =]