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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Quilt Colour Schemes part 2

Following on from Yesterday's Post I've been searching the internet for inspiration, flicking through magazines I had lying around as I was sure something about them caught my eye.

Some really grabbed my attention and then I decided to look through the 12 unopened packs of fabric from the two stash clubs I've joined. One is the Pink Castle Stash Stack Club and the other is the FabricShoppe Colour Your Stash Club. I then also found some other fabrics I had purchased that were already set in two colour ways.
After buying the latest copy of Love Patchwork and Quilting . Which is currently issue 10. I found some quilts I thought would go really well with the colour schemes I discovered.

Here are some colour combo's that will feature in my upcoming quilts and projects. The colours are just examples of the fabrics. Mind you I wont be using solids..... All fabrics however cane be found in the Fresh Modern Fabric Etsy Shop

The sketches for each project are already in progress. Templates have been made using some of my previous project designs. I thought about tutorials, but so many projects have been done, sold, chopped and changed, I thought why bother with the hassle.
I'll share the sketches once they are done. I even found graph paper to make them look all neat and professional...check me out! I bought some new colouring pencils and a ruler since mine broke in half....then I lost both halves....

So continue to watch this space. 

Cherie =]

Friday, 27 June 2014

Quilt Colour Scheme Help!!

Hi Everyone only me again.

I'm itching to make some more quilts and really need some help with some colour schemes. Grey is a colour I'm lacking in, but have managed to scrape together enough to make a grey, orange and blue quilt.

What colour schemes inspire you? Which ones do you just love? Please post your links in the comments to anything you have seen or made, as I could do with the inspiration.


Cherie =]

Monday, 23 June 2014

The stars are bright tonight.....

It's only me again with yet more finishes to share. I'm running out of things to make now! My WIP pile is going down....anyone have some quick makes they would like to share?  Comment them here. =1 Here it's 10pm so my title makes sense in this part of the world!

I started these when I was recovering from my operation. I was bored during the day and these passed the time perfectly/ Mind you the shapes were already was just the case of sewing...more sewing....stuffing....even more sewing....buttoning and they were done!
I do love pincushions and they can be made in such fun shapes!

I've rambled long enough....See you all later

Cherie! =]

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Forget WIP this is FAL.....

Finished At Last!!
The following post will be picture bombed!!

First up we have 4 charm I-Spy Quilts backed with gorgeously soft Minky Fabric purchased from Stich Stash Diva As well as Minky they also have really cute fabric bundles!

Finally after two years of making the quilt tops blogged about all that time ago In this post my DP16 quilts are finally finished

I have also finished another project....however those pictures are yet to be edited....

Well that's all to report for this evening...

Bye for now.

Cherie =]

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Charmed I'm sure

2 posts in two days...a new record for me at the moment. I said I had some behind the scenes projects to show and here is the start of them. A few weeks before the operation... I thought I should probably start using my fabric rather than storing it in the few too little boxes I have. I thought start slow then work up to the FQ's.......... so Charm squares it was...

I did some rough sketches knowing at least the colour scheme to each quilt...RAINBOW!!!

I like making even numbers of things and two just didn't feel ambitious enough at the time, so it became four. I did in the end change around some of the fabrics to make the colours stand out a lot better. Those sketches soon became quilt tops.

I did consider adding a border to the top edge, but upon choosing the backing fabrics I decided not to.

I also found some other quilts that needed finishing...remember these?

My DP16 quilt tops. I made them about TWO years ago and never actually finished them as I was going to do just a plain backing. Then decided against it. They are also on the WIP pile to actually finish. 

I even found some other quilts also from two years ago that when I looked at them I realised I could never sell them as the binding looks horrendous! I wouldn't even be happy to give them to anyone as a gift.

I am thinking to chop off the borders and binding and re-backing them in another fabric, with no binding what so ever...... The first quilt in the top picture is yet to be finished...I'm still hand quilting it...some two years seemed like a brilliant idea then........

Decisions decisions....I'm hoping for some finishes this month. I have the backing fabrics for the Rainbow quilts and the DP16 quilts..alls needing is to finish them off!!

Also to finish is another sneaky project....

*giggle* Told you I was on a roll....

Continue to watch this space....

Cherie =] 

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Friday, 13 June 2014

One Organ Lighter

Just as I was on a roll, fabric all set out projects all ready to be finished, listings half written ready to be edited. I get an unexpected shock.

There I was casually watching a movie some three weeks today ago when I find myself in absolute agony. I had been feeling nauseous all day and there was a slight twinge of pain in my right side, but nothing compared to that evening. I just about make it down the stairs with the mind set to take some tablets only a few things occurred to me. 1. if I did take tablets I would have to stay up for an hour before they kicked in. 2. I was in no state to even swallow tablets 3. The water soluble ones may make me throw up..which is what I felt like doing, but no not good!
So there I am, water in hand deciding what to do...pain getting worse...tears beginning to stream down my face. I hear my Mother upstairs coming down to find out what is going on. She takes one look at me and goes to get the phone..I hear her calling for an ambulance. Not long after my Father comes crashing down the stairs looks at me then my Mother, hears ambulance and goes back upstairs to get changed. They inform us it may be two hours before we are called back...Who has two hours!! (even when taken in the ambulance you still end up in the A & E bay seen no quicker!)
So my Father takes me in the car...each speed bump feels like a punch to the gut...I go to A & E to check in and sit and wait....and wait.....and wait.....I'm assessed by a nurse then I go back to sit and wait....and wait....Father comes back after parking the car and we wait and wait.....and wait. Eventually I am called into an assessment ward and am checked over by multiple doctors. They assume its my appendix, but I also have polycystic cycle over so I wonder what it could be myself.
Eventually some time after 3pm I am given a bed and taken to a ward, cannula in my arm attached to a drip in pain still.
The next day assessed again. Samples taken...... pain rising..... I am sent for an ultrasound with some odd results. Fluid is on my pelvis as a cyst may or may not have burst. However I do not have polycystic ovaries and my appendix looks, but may not be OK. WHAT!

I don't believe them ( as I feel the ultrasound was not done accurately after hearing them say there was not enough water in my stomach and I was in too much pain for them to push down on my lower abdomen), but they suggest taking out my appendix would be the best/safest option....or in their case process of elimination. I am Nil by mouth until the operation...the next day that is.....the hunger setting in....

Operation over I am in 10 times more pain than when I was at home...the doctors come back and are baffled as to why/how I can still be in the same pain...I'm given pain killers...they make no difference what so ever only that they make me sick...I still can not eat because everything comes back up. I'm weak.....hungry and fed up.

They attempt another ultrasound only I am sick and they cannot perform it so they send me back to the ward. The doctors come to see me and claim everything looks OK by the results they did not actually take.....I inform them the scan was not actually done, but they brush this off.....and proceed to assess me themselves by pressing down on my abdomen...putting me in more pain than I was in......helpful!!!!

3 days later with no more knowledge as to what was actually causing the pain they kick me out. Like actually. One minute I'm lying there uncomfortably and the next " oh we need the bed for a new patient we're sending you home!" WHAT! I wasn't even ready or anything, they just about waited for my Mother to get there before ushering us to the departure lounge....I thought only existed in airports.....
I was still in agony, no clue as to what was going on, no doctors report or anything. In the lounge we were told we had to wait for the despatch papers, medication and the doctors report....My Mother was fuming. She shouted at the doctors in the lounge and they sent us to a quiet corner with a bed...they gave us dinner and drinks....they ordered us a taxi once everything had been bought down.

I thought my hospital ordeal was over, but the next day I was back in.....They had given me the wrong tablets which meant nothing I ate or drank would stay down...the pain would not get better.....and I would be none the wiser. I was informed by some other nicer doctors as to what was causing the other pains I had and the actual operation procedure. I was then able to go home the day after with the correct medication and some helpful after care advice.

Unamused to say the least I was just glad to be home. I have been sewing lightly still behind the scenes, whilst recovering...all will soon be revealed......

Watch this space!

Cherie =]