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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Quilt Colour Schemes part 2

Following on from Yesterday's Post I've been searching the internet for inspiration, flicking through magazines I had lying around as I was sure something about them caught my eye.

Some really grabbed my attention and then I decided to look through the 12 unopened packs of fabric from the two stash clubs I've joined. One is the Pink Castle Stash Stack Club and the other is the FabricShoppe Colour Your Stash Club. I then also found some other fabrics I had purchased that were already set in two colour ways.
After buying the latest copy of Love Patchwork and Quilting . Which is currently issue 10. I found some quilts I thought would go really well with the colour schemes I discovered.

Here are some colour combo's that will feature in my upcoming quilts and projects. The colours are just examples of the fabrics. Mind you I wont be using solids..... All fabrics however cane be found in the Fresh Modern Fabric Etsy Shop

The sketches for each project are already in progress. Templates have been made using some of my previous project designs. I thought about tutorials, but so many projects have been done, sold, chopped and changed, I thought why bother with the hassle.
I'll share the sketches once they are done. I even found graph paper to make them look all neat and professional...check me out! I bought some new colouring pencils and a ruler since mine broke in half....then I lost both halves....

So continue to watch this space. 

Cherie =]