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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Keeping things Chilled

So lately I've been feeling really tired and like I have no energy what so ever. I'm already anaemic, but thought I should maybe do something do give myself a boost. Mother Dearest got her blender out of the cupboard, so I thought making some smoothies would add a bit more fruit to my diet and get me away from snacking on rubbish. Father then went out and brought a Nutri Ninja!

So far so good this month in the smoothie world

Day 1.Berry Vanilla Smoothie- Nice, but I think I may sieve it next time as it was very seedy.....
Day 2&3. Pear, apple and Banana Smoothie (as I made toooo much) - may try without the banana next time round as although there is only 1 it overpowers the taste
Day 4.Apricot Smoothie -I used tinned apricots, but it doesn't have much flavour...tastes a little like ice cream....maybe next time I should use fresh ones?

So far I don't feel much difference, but the month is young and it is only week one!

I have also been using my colour therapy book I got for Christmas.

I do enjoy me some colouring.

Do you have any smoothie recipes that you love ?

Watch this space

IBeCheraldine =]