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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Just keep Tri-ing....

In this case the Tri stands for Triangle! I had a load sitting on my to be sewn into something pile...I'm sure you all have one. You know those pieces you cut for a project...then they go to one side, you make a dozen other things then find them again?
I do that A LOT!! Around April/May time I cut all these triangles

They sat in a box until September when I took out a few with plans to make a few things....Only I forgot about those plans..
They could have become...table pads/mug quilts....a baby quilt....table toppers.....

Now it's October..well like coming up to the end of it...see how I like to procrastinate on making certain things...
Upon not even remembering about those ideas (I came across them and thought hmmm what was I using these for again..)...Some of them have become two cushion cover tops

This one I forgot how to sew the strips together so they are actually on a's not your eyes deceiving you! I do however like the style... I made this yesterday and it looked way worse before it was cut all nice and neat today....(meaning it was going to go back onto the one side pile and be forgotten until months later!)

Today I remembered the second time round how to sew the strips and this one came out a much straighter, I even managed to keep most of the points!
Making the second one helped me to cut the first one out to a usable size and shape! They should become 16" cushion covers....
I still have quite a few left over...they could possibly still become the above mentioned...maybe the mug  rugs....

I then decided to have a look through my to be sewn into something pile TBSSP...I found a random assortment of things...leftover wedges from my cushions (which could possibly become table runners...) 2nd MAM quilt that needs the backing made....random scraps of fabric...other cushion tops, that need to be neatened and backed......

Then there was this cushion top

I had taken out the backing to finish it only it ended up not being ironed and left to one side....I have to unpick it as I'm using a pillow case...(ah the irony!) I have since ironed just to unpick it...
Then as I was still in the mood to sew something I made another one

I staggered the pattern slightly and changed the colour arrangement (Read realised after sewing it was too small and I had to add in some extra rows of colour)  These are on the larger side and should finish to roughly 19" or so...good for a 20" cushion pad or a looser 18"
I'll get around to unpicking the cases then ironing them again and cutting out panels for the back of the two rainbow covers....For the triangular ones I'll have to raid the market stash and see If I have any polka dot prints...

Mind you as those were sitting around for a while. So knowing me I might just do some more sewing and worry about backing them weekends are for those jobs! I want to line the tops too and do some quilting on them so I also need to dig out some plain fabric....(funny how I can quilt those and not a full sizes quilt that has been waiting for months!)  No fancy FMQ more using my standard foot to quilt...which is surprisingly easy to make shapes with....

Anyhoo I best be off...sleep is calling to me! 

Siya'll later =D

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Saturday finish up!

Well technically most of these things were finished during the week but due to awful weather and exhaustion no decent photo's were taken!
So coming in early where there was still some day light left I finished the Christmas hot pads, then pulled out my camera to take some pictures of everything finished this week!

First on the finish list is all the hexie cushion covers I started last week. That's 6 covers to add to my stock. All I can say is thank goodness for the market stash! Without those fabrics it would have been much longer before these were finished. I would also like to thank to good people who invented hemming web, making hems so much easier and neater.

Then I got all 6 hot pads finished too I made a start on those a while back and was waiting for the amazing Sarah-lou's package to come in the post. She offered to send me some insulated batting she had spare! She also sent a quilting magazine and a sweet belated birthday card!

I also with the help of Jano tried out some new stitches for some fun quilting styles! Jano QUILTING!!!

Tomorrow I hope to get the wadding cut for the table runners and work on a few other things for the shop. I found some large mailing bags at the post office the other day which are just the right size for those cushions I made! I'm sure a quilt could fit in them too.
I do so love the weekends! I can get so much done...(when not procrastinating that is!)

Siya'll  later =D

Friday, 26 October 2012

The Friday update....

I told you I'd be back today...I'm sure many didn't believe that to be true! I don't blame you...
I've had quite a few finishes this week only the weather has been so rubbish getting decent photo's has been a task and a half!

This week at work ended with relief that it's the weekend! I really feel like I'm doing the job of two people! A girl came in for an interview today. She starts next Wednesday for a two week trial. I have no idea what job role she'll be doing exactly, but I guess I'll find out then! The office is getting much colder! They need to install some heating in there, it's almost like being outside!

I'll be taking pictures tomorrow when it's in the day time. That way they might stand a chance of looking decent! I'll also have time to get a decent back drop to throw in too! The memory card for Father's camera has been ordered so soon I'll have some professional photo's to show off to the masses! I'll also be able to create some business cards! Then eventually open my Etsy shop!!

Mother has said once I get that done she'll bring some things in to work to show off on my behalf. I'll also take a few things in to work with me to see if anyone is interested.....I still won't be taking custom requests mind you!

Over the next week I'll be attaching my labels to the bigger things I've made like the cushion covers, make-up bags, pouches/purses  and the cushions themselves...I may have to order some more soon. I counted how many things I have and it came to 115!! I've made a few more things since then. I'll have to start making some more baby items soon, just little toys, burp cloths. I've got some fabrics/materials prepared it's just making them!

I've been working on some hot-pads this week I have 3 finished so far just got the other 3 to make...then the table runners to finish....must remember to cut the wadding!! I also want to make a few mug warmers as my tea gets awfully cold so quickly! I'll whip one up this weekend to bring to work too, as my office is freezing food doesn't stay hot for long.
I'll also be buying a thermos flask so I don't have to leave my desk to grab lunch! I think soup will be high on my menu...I'll have to bring in some bread too...or make some....Can regular food go in a thermos? (I'll have to do some research!)

For the new year I may just whip up some more table runners. I've used some simple methods to make a few Christmas ones and they came together quickly...all but the backing! I've had fun trying some new quilting/stitches with Jano, which I also need to get decent photo's of. They came out way too bright due to the actual light being on and you couldn't see the quilting decently!

I'm going to make some more zippered pouches up soon as I have a feeling they may sell quickly. I have a few ideas in mind already...
I want to get some more cushion covers made too ready for the new year..I'll have to dig out the rest of the market stash and possibly get father to do some cutting for me.....(he is always asking......) (Which reminds me I must get some new blades!)

I'm also going to look out for any Fairs coming up so I can test the market as they say....

Well I've gone on long enough!

Siya'll Later =D

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Behind the scenes.....

Some of you may have been wondering what's happened to me. I used to blog everyday often without fail. Then life got in the way and the motivation to blog was lost. I rarely even blog read anymore. (sorry to anyone who's blog I used to read and comment on often)
I have been trying to come online and check out what's been going on, but by the time evening rolls round I'm far too tired to stay awake.

I have been sewing through the week getting things finished here and there. The weather has been so awful though so pictures have come out looking less then great, even with the camera!

I'll be back on Friday to share all finishes, updates and progress made on everything. I may have shown in my weekend post.

Work doesn't seem to be getting any easier, by the end of the day I've lost all energy to do anything else. I'm surprised I've managed to push myself to actually make it to my sewing desk.
Make note when tired DO NOT SEW (or cut fabric!) !! This was done yesterday...


became this, after my partner in indirect terms stated how she hated the abstract style of using different sized squares/rectangles! (not that I showed the full picture!)

I had to rethink the whole design and kind of went crazy chopping and changing the above was result. It didn't turn out so good. Some squares ended up way too small! I put them all in a pile to re-think...before I did anymore damage

I spent most of today fretting how to fix it and make it work, I didn't want to waste what I had already cut up. I remembered a tutorial I had seen and tried to think whether I had enough scraps left to make it work....I had to raid my stash to find the right colours, but it worked out.

 Which one do you like best?

I found the tutorial for the block here

As my partner doesn't comment I'll have no idea if she likes it.....Fun times!

Siya'll Friday =D

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Santa of spades....

I didn't really feel up to sewing. My legs are oddly numb and pressing down on the foot pedal would not have helped much.
Instead I pulled out my card making supplies and whipped up a few more cards....

The following pictures contain mess of a graphic nature, if you are shy to mess please avert your gaze now. Also if you are not up for seeing anything with a Christmas themed nature also avert your gaze now...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED......

I prefer the more simple stylish approach...they may be too simple, but hey I like them that way. I'm leaving it at 10 just encase they don't sell to well and I'm stuck with a load of cards....I really still need to get postage sorted...hopefully before Christmas....I may have to look out for a fair/bazaar to sell some wares...
Work has really cut my sewing time down. I used to be sewing all the time, building up my stock and being able to try new things. Now I'm always tired and have a lack of motivation after work to get anything done.

Hopefully I get some things done before the time!

Siya'll soon =D

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Three Days in Mosaics....

With the craziness of the work college leaving, the end to this week was crazy busy at work. I had to learn a lot of new things in just 3 days! I was being told so many different things, it was a lot to take in. As well as the job role I had I also have most of hers added on too! She'll be working from home apparently sorting things from her end, so according to my manager I'll have 'less' work to do? 

When I've been in the mood I've pulled Jano from hiding to get some sewing done here and there. I did try out some new stitched going from C-H. Some of them I like others, eh not so much. At least each cushion cover will be unique. I just have to remember to sew my labels in (on the first I did forget! Maybe I can hand sew it in....) 

Today the Older Giant, My Bestie and I hit the trains and went to London! We checked out the Natural History Museum! After that we briefly went into the Science Museum agreeing that we would leave that for another weekend. So instead we jumped on the train for a fun journey to Camden Market! The Bro and Bestie were fascinated by it. We dais we would have to go earlier one day and spend the whole day just there! I love the stalls and shops in Camden. There is so much to see down there as there are about 5 or so different market areas! The Bestie and I got a Caricature done of the two of us. She has promised to photocopy it for me....I mean I did pay half after all!! (I knew I should have taken it and ran!)

A new twist on the Insy Winsy Spider rhyme

Siya'll Later =D

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

What a surprise.....

So my work load has now been added to labels, phone calls, emails, printing, relaying week is going to be interesting!

I got a card saying I have a parcel to pick up as the postage was short by 9p!!!! I even have to pay an extra £1 for the handling fee ?!! I can't even pay it online and have them post it to me..I have to go collect it in person! I might just have to ask father to give me a lift there after work....they keep it for 18 days......

After some slight procrastinating and catching jokes with the Older Giant I went to make more progress on those cushions. I got the backing all hemmed up...using the wonder that is hemming web....

None of my typical wonky sewn lines! I really need to get some blendable thread...(and check the ones that Father brought me...)

I then ironed, de-tacked, de-papered and pinned the hexies to the cushion fronts

Hopefully tomorrow I can start sewing those down. I'll just go around the edges as close to as possible. I was thinking of trying a fancy stitch...we will see..and also look what options Jano has on him....
I really have to check the bag of threads Father recently gave me...I'm sure there were some blendable threads in well as some variegated ones......

If I make it...

Siya'll tomorrow =D

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Market Stash

So work was still as busy as ever this week is not shaping up to be a good one and it's only day two! More information is being unloaded onto me...
You get your head around one thing and then POW you have to learn something else!

Back home I redesigned the last hexie pattern from this
to this

I rooted through the Market Stash pulling out any fabrics that had large enough pieces to become backing as they will be 18/20" covers. I have ironed them, just need to cut them into panels then iron in the hemming and sew like the wind....

These 3 prints are the same, just in different colours. The green and brown have smaller pieces so they will be put together for a backing

Then there were these four prints. The one on the left is also a smaller piece so will be paired with the black from the above fabrics.

They are all super soft!! I love the bottom print on the second picture and am so glad some is left...I spot a pillow for me in its future....

I also went to pick up my parcel from the post office and was not happy I had to pay £1.50 when it stated nowhere on the site I would have to pay anything!! I know I read free of charge!!!

For my Birthday last week I treated myself to the full FQ bundle of Lotta Jandsdotter Bella collection!! (which they no longer have in stock.....)

The Lucy's crab shack bundle snuck in there too.....

Now I have just seen that Pink Castle Fabrics is have a 25% off sale until the end of the month!!  Just use the code MOVING. Not only that but flat rate shipping can bag you 10 yards now!!....You guys still here.....

Siya'll tomorrow =D

Monday, 15 October 2012

That Monday feeling!

Gosh today was awful!!! The phone was ringing non stop! I put it down few minutes later it rang again!! What's more is I had the labels to do and on a Monday there are 300+ to be typed. Luckily I get help, but even so. It is no help when the phone is ringing and the girl I liaise with is of no great assistance as she never seems to know who exactly she called, regardless if it was just a few minutes earlier! There are going to be some big changes this week and I am not looking forward to any of them!!
I can't see things working out if I'm in the showroom alone and have the customers on the phone, coming in and the labels to deal with! I really hope they come up with a more suitable solution. I am not superwoman!

I was glad to get home and relax with a mug of noodles and my EPP

Now I have to cut the backing, iron the backing and the hems in the backing....remove the those down.....finish the covers....
It'll be a fun experience. I'm wondering weather I should go with a nice bright solid backing or a darker shade...or just random fabric pulled from the market stash like how I backed my granny cushion?

Suggestions welcome. I just want them to have a fun unique look. I'll read any emails through the day and decide when I get home.

Siya'll tomorrow =D

Sunday, 14 October 2012

The good, the bad and the sewing....

Yesterday the family came down for a visit as my Grandfather is in the country!! It's his birthday tomorrow (though mind you nobody knows the day he was really born!!) I managed to make a cake after we got back from shopping. The Father and sons went on a trek to the fish shop as my uncles were bugging my Father to go. The rest of us stayed home watching movies! I was surprised there were so many on actually. We watched Star Wars- Attack of the clones....later in the day Peter Pan came on, then after that towards the evening Back to the Future 2. 3 decent movies in one day! 
The bad part was dinner. I got hit with a bad case of allergy poisoning (that's what I'm calling it!) My Father aided by my Aunt made rice....normally Mom makes it and it's fine, but yesterday all was not fine! The rice was like mush, tasted very bland and contained an awful lot of butter! I have to be very careful what I eat and was not expecting that high butter content. The rest of the evening was not pleasant! 
The family left early as they had to go on the motorway. They all took a piece of cake with them. We gave my Grandfather his birthday cards, with strict instructions not to open them until Monday!  
We watched the end of the movie then all went to bed...though shockingly it was only 10 something...I had a very uncomfortable sleep.

Today was a little better, though I still felt a bit queasy. I was glad we didn't have to be subjected to yesterday's dinner again! 
I got some more sewing done today finishing off the hexie flowers and another of the designs for the cushion covers (no not all cushions will be in this colour....)

I have to cut and prepare the backing for these cushions eventually..
Looking forward to? another week of work..this one will be crazy as the girl I liaise with is leaving!! They have said she will be working from home answering the emails I'm not sure how things are going to work out, but we shall see....

Siya'll tomorrow...=D