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Sunday, 14 October 2012

The good, the bad and the sewing....

Yesterday the family came down for a visit as my Grandfather is in the country!! It's his birthday tomorrow (though mind you nobody knows the day he was really born!!) I managed to make a cake after we got back from shopping. The Father and sons went on a trek to the fish shop as my uncles were bugging my Father to go. The rest of us stayed home watching movies! I was surprised there were so many on actually. We watched Star Wars- Attack of the clones....later in the day Peter Pan came on, then after that towards the evening Back to the Future 2. 3 decent movies in one day! 
The bad part was dinner. I got hit with a bad case of allergy poisoning (that's what I'm calling it!) My Father aided by my Aunt made rice....normally Mom makes it and it's fine, but yesterday all was not fine! The rice was like mush, tasted very bland and contained an awful lot of butter! I have to be very careful what I eat and was not expecting that high butter content. The rest of the evening was not pleasant! 
The family left early as they had to go on the motorway. They all took a piece of cake with them. We gave my Grandfather his birthday cards, with strict instructions not to open them until Monday!  
We watched the end of the movie then all went to bed...though shockingly it was only 10 something...I had a very uncomfortable sleep.

Today was a little better, though I still felt a bit queasy. I was glad we didn't have to be subjected to yesterday's dinner again! 
I got some more sewing done today finishing off the hexie flowers and another of the designs for the cushion covers (no not all cushions will be in this colour....)

I have to cut and prepare the backing for these cushions eventually..
Looking forward to? another week of work..this one will be crazy as the girl I liaise with is leaving!! They have said she will be working from home answering the emails I'm not sure how things are going to work out, but we shall see....

Siya'll tomorrow...=D