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Monday, 15 October 2012

That Monday feeling!

Gosh today was awful!!! The phone was ringing non stop! I put it down few minutes later it rang again!! What's more is I had the labels to do and on a Monday there are 300+ to be typed. Luckily I get help, but even so. It is no help when the phone is ringing and the girl I liaise with is of no great assistance as she never seems to know who exactly she called, regardless if it was just a few minutes earlier! There are going to be some big changes this week and I am not looking forward to any of them!!
I can't see things working out if I'm in the showroom alone and have the customers on the phone, coming in and the labels to deal with! I really hope they come up with a more suitable solution. I am not superwoman!

I was glad to get home and relax with a mug of noodles and my EPP

Now I have to cut the backing, iron the backing and the hems in the backing....remove the those down.....finish the covers....
It'll be a fun experience. I'm wondering weather I should go with a nice bright solid backing or a darker shade...or just random fabric pulled from the market stash like how I backed my granny cushion?

Suggestions welcome. I just want them to have a fun unique look. I'll read any emails through the day and decide when I get home.

Siya'll tomorrow =D