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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Market Stash

So work was still as busy as ever this week is not shaping up to be a good one and it's only day two! More information is being unloaded onto me...
You get your head around one thing and then POW you have to learn something else!

Back home I redesigned the last hexie pattern from this
to this

I rooted through the Market Stash pulling out any fabrics that had large enough pieces to become backing as they will be 18/20" covers. I have ironed them, just need to cut them into panels then iron in the hemming and sew like the wind....

These 3 prints are the same, just in different colours. The green and brown have smaller pieces so they will be put together for a backing

Then there were these four prints. The one on the left is also a smaller piece so will be paired with the black from the above fabrics.

They are all super soft!! I love the bottom print on the second picture and am so glad some is left...I spot a pillow for me in its future....

I also went to pick up my parcel from the post office and was not happy I had to pay £1.50 when it stated nowhere on the site I would have to pay anything!! I know I read free of charge!!!

For my Birthday last week I treated myself to the full FQ bundle of Lotta Jandsdotter Bella collection!! (which they no longer have in stock.....)

The Lucy's crab shack bundle snuck in there too.....

Now I have just seen that Pink Castle Fabrics is have a 25% off sale until the end of the month!!  Just use the code MOVING. Not only that but flat rate shipping can bag you 10 yards now!!....You guys still here.....

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. sew fresh has yards for 3.95 too! -- did you get your i-spy's?

  2. Nice fabric and the hexies are really pretty. Happy be-lated birthday. Buying those bundles was a good gift to yourself.

  3. oooh, I like the ring of hexies :) all the great sales going on lately are killing me! so hard to resist going on a masive fabric binge :)

  4. Boy it is so hard to make myself NOT buy anymore fabric but what is a girl to do when all these sales roll around?? LOL. I love the new hexie arrangement! And love the backing fabrics you are going to use.

  5. Good job, the hexie circle looks much nicer than the first one! Happy birthday! You are very creative. I'm sure you will make lovely things with all your new fabrics.


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