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Friday, 31 August 2012

Spare Change anyone?.....Plus Exciting news!!

I'm joking really....I'm sure the shipping for some loose change will be more than the change is worth!
So this morning I was taking no distractions! I got up and pulled out my sewing things straight away! Taking a few pictures of some finished up things from yesterday

Finished project for the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap

Then I pinned the zippers to the coin purses started earlier in the week
Then went off to start my usual day routine. Moving quickly so I could come back to sew those purses and get them finished.

There was a casualty when sewing these purses! They broke 2 of my old one and a new one! I was not amused...a few short words were said before these went safely into the bin.

The ends of the culprits!!

The finished articles all nicely pressed....which may have been a bad idea

They were a pain to stuff the lining zippers also didn't turn out the way I hoped. I'll take a picture tomorrow in the morning (these were taken this evening with the light on)

I'm not sure if I'll sell them as you'll see tomorrow the zips aren't as they should be and I don't really expect anyone to buy them as they are. It's too late to do anything else with them now......The insides are fine it's just those darned zips!!!

At least they are done now! 

OHHHHH I have some exciting news. My BFF called me today and said there is a JOB going at her workplace!! We were on the phone for ages talking as she was filling me in on like all the details of the company! I start on MONDAY!! for a week trial, then we'll see what happens from there. She said it's covering maternity leave so it'll maybe only be for a year, (unless the lady doesn't return to work after said time) but it's still something for the time being! It's a data entry job for a company that deals with electrical goods so maybe I can get some discount on some appliances we a new cooker!! plus a hoover! 

So I'll be down to sewing in the spare hours I get and at the weekends. I'll still be opening my Etsy shop, just maybe a bit later than planned.....I still need to order labels and sort pricing so the possible end of September to start of October....

Tonight I'm linking up with 

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Siya'll tomorrow =D

Thursday, 30 August 2012


With this cold it had been a real struggle to pull myself out of bed at a reasonable hour. Since the Younger Giant and Mother have been off it's been a distraction to getting things done as Mother doesn't have many days off in the year and when she does she usually goes on holiday to Jamaica for a few good weeks.
So I had the intention of getting up doing chores then getting on with sewing....only things didn't quite work out that way. I got up sure enough with a throat that felt like sandpaper, the Younger Giant beat me to the bathroom!! Then with the intention to do chores after the Older Giant was all hey come watch this movie and you can do whatever after.....
So grabbing some tea and a bagel I went to watch the movie....only to have Father come down and watch the last part of the Paralympics show. So we had to wait some 15 mins for it to finish.....I at least got a bit of the chores done in the time.

Mother, the Older Giant and I ended up watching Battleship. It's like transformers in a way..only based primarily in the water and with the addition of aliens. It gets the rating from me of 8.5, if Rihanna hadn't of been in it all it would have gotten higher also if there had been more of a back-story on the aliens. It had the right amount of action though, but started off slow which can often let a movie down. I would recommend it to you if of course you haven't seen it already. The UK are way behind the movie times!

So after eventual chores I went to my sewing space. I got both swap items finished.. sorry for the terrible pictures the sun decided to go in just as I was taking them! Also I need to take a picture of the finished pincushion... I'll show you the rest of the tag once I send it.

For both swaps my partners have once again been non vocal. I seem to always get the partner who never comments!!! I'm not sure if I'll continue to join swaps in future, having a non vocal partner is of no help, specially when they take ages after to let you know they have received the item. As well as not knowing if they'll like it or not before you send it off. 
Have any of you had that issue? I've contacted the swap hosts previously with little results to the issue on some occasions. 

As the actual day started off so late.....after 4 close to 5 I didn't get any fabric cutting done. Once I cut the squares I'll know what layout I want to go with and the size I want the quilt to be. I'll need to borrow a bed for the spacing....

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive and I'll possibly get round to starting those pouches!

Siya'll tomorrow =D

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday afternoon at the movies!

As you may have guess I watch an awful lot of movies. My evenings run down with. Dinner, Blog reading and commenting, posting a blog entry, going onto flickr to check swap updates, then watching a movie.

Today though Mother, The Older Giant and I went to watch a movie at our local theatre. We went to see The Amazing Spiderman It actually was a great movie! Way better than the Spiderman movies in my opinion. The story was based more on the cartoon series that used to come on way back in the day and the marvel comics that have been around for years.
I didn't expect it to be much, when I saw the trailer I wasn't overly impressed by it. So seeing the movie bettered my expectations of it. We got to sit in some cool seats too as it was shown in the theatre room so we were in a box! Typically we bought our own snacks in with us, because who really wants to pay the expensive cinema prices! I would definitely advise you to go and watch the movie if you haven't seen it already....knowing that the majority of you live in the USA it may be old news.

Returning home we stopped in the local Chicken and chip shop where the Older Giant made trouble as usual with the owners (Good thing we actually know them!) which was rather funny!

I picked out some zippers for the pouches and pinned the wadding to the lining (the effort to sew it on!)

I couldn't sew them today as my ears are too sore for close counter noise, they were ringing after seeing the movie!

So I got to work on ironing then cutting into my precious Echo prints....and the others...

I'm going with 4.5" squares so I cut a 9" strip from all pieces, some I had to cut 2 as they were skinny FQ's or F8s. I still have some left so I'll possibly make a pieced backing. The Younger Giant calculated I should have about 256 squares if most provide 8 squares. I'll have much more as some strips were cut from the FQ's so I'll possibly have 300+ squares to use. So some may go into the back depending on how large the top works out to.
I still have to cut the strips down to 4.5" squares mind you so wish me luck.
I'll also get on with some EPP as I get better with this cold!

Siya'll tomorrow =D

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Can I go back to bed now?

That's how I woke up feeling. My head was throbbing, legs aching and I really wanted to just stay in bed. It was a struggle to go down the stairs. For once I have a proper cold.
Mind you I didn't allow it to totally ruin my day. I did some ironing and scrap sorting for some swap items.  So I busted out my EPP gear and whipped up some samples.

For the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap I pulled out these to make a pincushion then the fabrics below with a few solids, will possibly be sent her way

For the RATZ swap I picked out these prints, along with some linen to make a name tag for my secret partner

I'm going to make another quilt for myself. This one will be much larger than the MAM quilt and use my hoarded stash of Echo prints. I'm still missing 4 or 3 perhaps? No matter. I love the Madrona Road prints so they will be mixed in as the warm colour tone as the Echo prints are in a cold colourway. I picked out a few other prints to match up to some of the other colours. I also pulled a few solids to go with them too.

 I've decided finally after sketching out so many ideas, with some epic math fail

to go with the obvious! SIMPLE PATCHWORK!! Shows off the prints and doesn't take a year to complete! I may however do a pieced back with some of the blocks I love! Just have to decide what size I want the squares to be....

Then I trimmed down the scrappy log cabin blocks (and spent some time taking off all the paper!!), cut some wadding and just have to pick out some zippers.

Siya'll tomorrow =D

Monday, 27 August 2012

Eye Spy with my little Eye...

So today we went on a fun train journey to go on the London Eye!! Father actually came with us for once as he usually stays home when we go anywhere!!!
We had to hop on a number of trains before reaching Waterloo. We had to queue in a long line to get out tickets then we were ushered into the 4D experience show. The Younger Giant did not want to go inside and refused to put on his glasses when we were in the theatre. The show was OK, they had water and bubbles spraying at you as you watched the show, as well as some mist swirling around your legs....
We then walked quickly to grab a place in line for the London Eye (I'm pretty sure Mother cut in front of someone...) It started to rain slightly as we were going up the longer queue, there was a bag  check then a little 5 min wait then we were in the pod at 11.30am. Since it was raining it was hard to get decent pictures without the rain drops being in them too! I even forgot my memory card for my camera and so had to take pictures with my phone...not amused the zoom feature is terrible!!!
Here are a few snaps to see the rest check out My Flickr set

My Momma, The Younger Giant, Father and the Older Giant

We got back home around 3ish as Father wasn't up for much walking. Mother wanted to go on the Ducktours bus, but the next available time was 2 hours away so we left there and got the train back. She said she'd book for us to go on there another time. 
We also booked to go and see the new Spiderman movie on Wednesday at our local cinema.

I finally finished those Liberty scrappy log cabin blocks here are a few of them. I have started to cut some lining fabric for the rainbow blocks.....not too sure what to line these ones with as my linen is almost done =C

I'm also working on a quilt design to use my Echo prints.  I'm saving to get the Bella prints to go with them as they will all look awesome together. I really need to work on some swap items!!!

Siya'll tomorrow =D

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Out with the old in with the new!!

New blog look that is. Thanks to my followers for directing me to picmonkey seriously I saw it mentioned and thought whats all the hype about...until I went on it and fell in love!
It took me a few good hours to make a header...mainly because of the sizing, but its done.
I know you can see it but check it out here anyways
 I could have gone so many other ways, but these are my this month projects so it was perfect. I'll change it up next month to keep things fresh! I love the writing how cool it that font! It's called bleeding cowboys.

I also changed up my fonts and a few other blog page details to match up with the header.

So in sewing news I got nothing done....I was distracted by a movie Father was watching called Preachers kid an interesting movie. I liked the story behind it and the singing was great too, none of that computerised fake stuff, just good old gospel singing.

But aside from that I did whip up an apple and pear crumble for dessert. during the time the movie was on (OK so it was just the fruit, but it counts!)

So I was sketching instead, lol I just noticed how everything is at an angle except my sketch pad...

After making those coin purses I'm planning I'm going to spend some time cutting fabrics to make up those blocks. Luckily a lot of them use 2.5" strips so that'll be easier to manage. I just need to spend like a day picking out fabrics from my stash....the more I use is the more I can but back....Well that's my plan. Of course I'll save some of each to remind me of past fabric awesomeness. 

Tomorrow is set to be a fun day. We have booked to go on the LONDON EYE!!!! My camera is charged...I just need to throw some snacks into my bag. I'm more in shock that Father will be coming too. He usually stays home when we go on trips and such, but he'll get to use his fancy new camera...

As I have to be up early, my friends....

Siya'll tomorrow =D

Saturday, 25 August 2012

I'm loving it!

Sometimes I just like to take a little break from sewing. My weekends are usually dedicated to kicking back and chilling out. Whether it's watching TV or grabbing my sketch book. Here are some things I'm loving today

Bed covered in sketches from quilts I bookmarked to make blocks from.

Sewing table next to bed for easy access and sketching up blocks in a neater form

The stack of cushions that I love seeing right now! The Younger Giant will be getting one (made specially) for his birthday present.  (remind me to get a bigger gift bag!!)

My Graze snacks UK followers can get a free box here just follow the instructions to grab some great yummy goodies. Tell you friends too just use the code 6NB7W5L, code can only be used once.

Also saw this swap which will start on Monday. Click the button for more information

Low Volume Swap Icon

Not pictured....
  • Going into the random sells everything shop and putting something in Father's hand (for myself) which he actually bought! 
  • Gaining yet another Tesco stalker...I know they work there but even still, seeing them in every aisle was rather funny! 
  • The pricing on a product that cost £1, but an offer said you could get 2 for £1.....
  • A random lady in Tesco at the till,  pointlessly arguing with a guy that was doing her no trouble and actually alerting security, who turned out to be the guys friend! 
  • This Alpro soya yogurt that tastes so good! 
Now does anyone know a program/website I can use to make a banner for my blog? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Next up I may get those liberty blocks finished up along with more sketches...

Siya'll tomorrow =D

Friday, 24 August 2012

20 finishes!!

I'm so happy they are all done I love the way they look all stacked to one corner of my room! I must confess I really don't want to see them go. They are so gorgeous sitting there full of colour! I really will need to make up some for myself, like soon..maybe this weekend...I have some sashing left over.... The buttons though so tricky to put in I sprained my arm doing so!

Mind you the sprain did not stop me making up some scrappy log cabin blocks ready to be turned into coin purses. They have since been ironed I just need to trim them down.

I pulled out the odd scraps of Liberty prints I have to make up some more scrappy blocks too. I have 10 underway to make 5 purses

The Younger Giant assisted me in making dinner. Meat feast (ham, pepperoni and a burger fried and cut to pieces, then fried again) pizzas with pineapple. The corner with no pineapple is for the Older giant.....

This pizza is mine with my lactofree cheese which can be found in UK Tesco and Asda

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Siya'll tomorrow =D

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Oh button it!!

Today was spent with a morning of lazing on the chair watching Chronicle I'd give it a 7 out of 10 and that's being generous. I didn't really get what the point was to the movie at all. It was made in a documentary style filming technique, so the movie was shaky and hard to focus on. The storyline itself was let down and again didn't have any real focus. It could have been better thought out, but alas it wasn't. There was a little action towards the end of the movie, but other than that a rather flat movie. Watch it if you want to get your own idea of it. Maybe you can come back and tell me what you thought of it.

After the movie, lunch and talking to Mother I started on closing up the cushions and sewing in the buttons. I have 10 completed so far so just 10 more for buttons. (they are so tricky to put in!) The heart ones are also stitched up, they are 12" in size.

I had to shift some things around so I could stack these without anything being stuck under them. Seeing them piled up almost makes me want to keep them all for myself! I have a few spare wedges so maybe I'll make myself up a few for that future house....

The cake has a nice flavour too it. I think maybe next time I'll use less poppy seeds, I like them yes but there are too many in the cake. The cinnabuns are still a big hit! Even the Older Giant has eaten some and he doesn't generally like cinnamon!

I'll hopefully get those pillows finished tomorrow as well as making pizza for dinner. Coin purses are on the plans next, the scraps are still laid out for them. Have some swap items to make too and send off.

Siya'll tomorrow =D

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A review and a celebration

Today was a fun day! I got a bit of sewing done before we left out

Then Father dropped us off at the cinema...I don't actually think he's been to one like ever.....
We watched the new Batman movie! Overall I would rate it 9.5 out of 10. There was good action, a decent back story as well as car chases and things blowing up! 
You can check it out here

After the movie we walked back home at a nice leisurely pace...which took us about 20 minutes surprisingly, getting in just after 6
I made Mother's birthday cake Lemon and poppy seed I haven't tried any yet as my tummy was feeling odd. So I had tea instead. I'll let you know how it is tomorrow.

After dinner Mother opened her cards and present
She was so happy when she opened the wrapping paper! She exclaimed "My bears" Father gave her an odd look. (the gold pillow was not one of the gifts, but a long going Christmas present from years past.....)

Well I'm waiting for my phone to update....I'm hoping when it does I'll be able to send picture messages again...the update claims it will be able too....guess I'll find out!

Siya'll tomorrow =D

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The big reveal!!!

So over the past few weeks I've been sharing sneaks with you on a secret project.
It all started with some sketches, that you may have missed

That became fabric wedges turned cushion tops

With some rainbow bands/sashing

Some linen backing and stuffing 

Became cushions

For all the pictures of this process you can check out my Secret project reveal if you like you can also add me on Flickr too. Now I just have to sew up all the openings and fish out some buttons for the centres of each cushion....40 to choose.....

I'm working on a tutorial/pattern as I've taken a lot of pictures from each step so stay tuned for that.
I also stuffed the heart pillows....they are in one of the pictures, they too will be added to the mix.
I'm still thinking of names...need to actually start writing them down and seeing how ridiculous they are, then I'll need labels.....

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I'm out to the cinema and will be celebrating Mother's birthday tomorrow...which reminds me I haven't yet wrapped her present.....

Siya'll tomorrow =D