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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The big reveal!!!

So over the past few weeks I've been sharing sneaks with you on a secret project.
It all started with some sketches, that you may have missed

That became fabric wedges turned cushion tops

With some rainbow bands/sashing

Some linen backing and stuffing 

Became cushions

For all the pictures of this process you can check out my Secret project reveal if you like you can also add me on Flickr too. Now I just have to sew up all the openings and fish out some buttons for the centres of each cushion....40 to choose.....

I'm working on a tutorial/pattern as I've taken a lot of pictures from each step so stay tuned for that.
I also stuffed the heart pillows....they are in one of the pictures, they too will be added to the mix.
I'm still thinking of names...need to actually start writing them down and seeing how ridiculous they are, then I'll need labels.....

Tonight I'm linking up with

Fresh Poppy Design

I'm out to the cinema and will be celebrating Mother's birthday tomorrow...which reminds me I haven't yet wrapped her present.....

Siya'll tomorrow =D