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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wednesday afternoon at the movies!

As you may have guess I watch an awful lot of movies. My evenings run down with. Dinner, Blog reading and commenting, posting a blog entry, going onto flickr to check swap updates, then watching a movie.

Today though Mother, The Older Giant and I went to watch a movie at our local theatre. We went to see The Amazing Spiderman It actually was a great movie! Way better than the Spiderman movies in my opinion. The story was based more on the cartoon series that used to come on way back in the day and the marvel comics that have been around for years.
I didn't expect it to be much, when I saw the trailer I wasn't overly impressed by it. So seeing the movie bettered my expectations of it. We got to sit in some cool seats too as it was shown in the theatre room so we were in a box! Typically we bought our own snacks in with us, because who really wants to pay the expensive cinema prices! I would definitely advise you to go and watch the movie if you haven't seen it already....knowing that the majority of you live in the USA it may be old news.

Returning home we stopped in the local Chicken and chip shop where the Older Giant made trouble as usual with the owners (Good thing we actually know them!) which was rather funny!

I picked out some zippers for the pouches and pinned the wadding to the lining (the effort to sew it on!)

I couldn't sew them today as my ears are too sore for close counter noise, they were ringing after seeing the movie!

So I got to work on ironing then cutting into my precious Echo prints....and the others...

I'm going with 4.5" squares so I cut a 9" strip from all pieces, some I had to cut 2 as they were skinny FQ's or F8s. I still have some left so I'll possibly make a pieced backing. The Younger Giant calculated I should have about 256 squares if most provide 8 squares. I'll have much more as some strips were cut from the FQ's so I'll possibly have 300+ squares to use. So some may go into the back depending on how large the top works out to.
I still have to cut the strips down to 4.5" squares mind you so wish me luck.
I'll also get on with some EPP as I get better with this cold!

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. Looks like a lot of work! Fun!

  2. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the movie. I have not seen it yet. I love the bright colors of the zippers.

    I received my package of Liberty of London fabrics and my pin cushion! I love them! I needed another pin cushion! Thank you so much for them. I will post about them in another couple days - we have company and have been pretty busy!

  3. lovely zipper colours!! glad you enjoyed the movie! x


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