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Thursday, 30 August 2012


With this cold it had been a real struggle to pull myself out of bed at a reasonable hour. Since the Younger Giant and Mother have been off it's been a distraction to getting things done as Mother doesn't have many days off in the year and when she does she usually goes on holiday to Jamaica for a few good weeks.
So I had the intention of getting up doing chores then getting on with sewing....only things didn't quite work out that way. I got up sure enough with a throat that felt like sandpaper, the Younger Giant beat me to the bathroom!! Then with the intention to do chores after the Older Giant was all hey come watch this movie and you can do whatever after.....
So grabbing some tea and a bagel I went to watch the movie....only to have Father come down and watch the last part of the Paralympics show. So we had to wait some 15 mins for it to finish.....I at least got a bit of the chores done in the time.

Mother, the Older Giant and I ended up watching Battleship. It's like transformers in a way..only based primarily in the water and with the addition of aliens. It gets the rating from me of 8.5, if Rihanna hadn't of been in it all it would have gotten higher also if there had been more of a back-story on the aliens. It had the right amount of action though, but started off slow which can often let a movie down. I would recommend it to you if of course you haven't seen it already. The UK are way behind the movie times!

So after eventual chores I went to my sewing space. I got both swap items finished.. sorry for the terrible pictures the sun decided to go in just as I was taking them! Also I need to take a picture of the finished pincushion... I'll show you the rest of the tag once I send it.

For both swaps my partners have once again been non vocal. I seem to always get the partner who never comments!!! I'm not sure if I'll continue to join swaps in future, having a non vocal partner is of no help, specially when they take ages after to let you know they have received the item. As well as not knowing if they'll like it or not before you send it off. 
Have any of you had that issue? I've contacted the swap hosts previously with little results to the issue on some occasions. 

As the actual day started off so late.....after 4 close to 5 I didn't get any fabric cutting done. Once I cut the squares I'll know what layout I want to go with and the size I want the quilt to be. I'll need to borrow a bed for the spacing....

Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive and I'll possibly get round to starting those pouches!

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. Ha ha, I have just been talking about swaps and partners that don't comment, on my blog. It really is dissapointing: I always try really hard to blog on at least one picture of each persons, but I know I must miss some people out and I feel bad about that. And I am one of the people that try really hard to comment: as you say, there are a lot that just don't bother!

  2. I have not done an online swap yet, except for fabric and then again it iwas a bilateral one, so not us what to say. It is a bit of a shame if you don't want to do it though.

  3. Before I forget....because I keep forgetting to mention that I love your new shows your beautiful work fabrics.
    Next, yes, I am disappointed when my partners don't let me know if they have received nor do they post any photos....:(
    Makes me sad......and both the star and hexagon swap items you posted are gorgeous but I really love the hexagon the best. Hope you are on your way to getting over that darn cold........

  4. It must be frustrating when you don't get any feedback from a swap. I always comment when someone sends me something that they took time to make. Summer colds are awful, hope you feel better soon.


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