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Friday, 31 August 2012

Spare Change anyone?.....Plus Exciting news!!

I'm joking really....I'm sure the shipping for some loose change will be more than the change is worth!
So this morning I was taking no distractions! I got up and pulled out my sewing things straight away! Taking a few pictures of some finished up things from yesterday

Finished project for the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap

Then I pinned the zippers to the coin purses started earlier in the week
Then went off to start my usual day routine. Moving quickly so I could come back to sew those purses and get them finished.

There was a casualty when sewing these purses! They broke 2 of my old one and a new one! I was not amused...a few short words were said before these went safely into the bin.

The ends of the culprits!!

The finished articles all nicely pressed....which may have been a bad idea

They were a pain to stuff the lining zippers also didn't turn out the way I hoped. I'll take a picture tomorrow in the morning (these were taken this evening with the light on)

I'm not sure if I'll sell them as you'll see tomorrow the zips aren't as they should be and I don't really expect anyone to buy them as they are. It's too late to do anything else with them now......The insides are fine it's just those darned zips!!!

At least they are done now! 

OHHHHH I have some exciting news. My BFF called me today and said there is a JOB going at her workplace!! We were on the phone for ages talking as she was filling me in on like all the details of the company! I start on MONDAY!! for a week trial, then we'll see what happens from there. She said it's covering maternity leave so it'll maybe only be for a year, (unless the lady doesn't return to work after said time) but it's still something for the time being! It's a data entry job for a company that deals with electrical goods so maybe I can get some discount on some appliances we a new cooker!! plus a hoover! 

So I'll be down to sewing in the spare hours I get and at the weekends. I'll still be opening my Etsy shop, just maybe a bit later than planned.....I still need to order labels and sort pricing so the possible end of September to start of October....

Tonight I'm linking up with 

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Siya'll tomorrow =D