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Saturday, 1 September 2012

August review!!

I still can't get over how quickly last month went. I mean seriously why is this year going by so quickly! Last month I got a lot of random projects done. As well as some cooking, some movie watching, some London Eye going on, the odd trips to the cinema, Volunteering (which I now realise is what took up my sewing time! FOOL!), a few swap goodies and giveaways. Plus a present for Mother.

Those purses from yesterday that I had a problem with the zippers. They are fully functionable, they can still open and close, the purse can still be used for a number of things as seen in the 3rd picture, Do I sell them still as they are? thoughts please....

 I then got on with the not so mammoth task of cutting my beloved fabrics

Then sketching out a design for the quilt I plan to make...this is not finished yet....

As well as making up my own paper pieced blocks from patterns slightly smaller/larger than the size I've made them to (8" x 9") I'll get those sewn up tomorrow

This month has started well already.  A new project. A new job starting Monday....which will sadly effect my sewing time, but I should still get things done during the 'free hours' if I plan my time accordingly. Tis the Younger Giant's birthday this month.....I think a large pillow for his bed lounging is in order!....I should probably make the Older Giant one too....

Tonight I'm linking up with 
Lily's Quilts

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. A great month, and a better September to come!

  2. Wow, as always, you have been so productive! And I think the volunteering will pay off someday so I am all for it....and even if you think you don't see a pay-off, just helping someone else for nothing is a good thing. The bags are cute....ummmm what was the problem with them?

  3. Lots of lovely bright colours in your mosiac and great makes too

  4. You've been really busy, well done!

  5. You are so wonderful at making different items. I love everything. Your colors are so bring and cheerful. I would sell the purses.


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