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Sunday, 2 September 2012

MAM2 in progress..the Sneak Peak

I spent the better part of today sprawled in the front living room. I sketched out my quilt idea then thought OK now I need to fill in the colours....Father was occupying my usual workspace (his bed lol!) so I trailed downstairs, piles of fabric in hand.
I thought up a few idea's either random patchwork or an actual design. In the end I chose the plus quilt only my version is slightly different from the normal construction as I mostly wanted to use my Echo prints for the pluses, I had to use 4 of my Madrona  Road prints too (make note I don't have the whole collection of either. 16 Echo and 6 Madrona Road from the citrus colourway)

 These 3 panels will go on the back of the quilt along with some paper pieced blocks.
These first two will sit either side of the block with a neutral print above and below them

The block will be halved (2 x 3) and go above and below the pieced blocks with a solid print above/below them. 

I just have to colour in the pattern for reference when it comes to sewing as this will be bigger than any quilt I've made in the past.

Shockingly I have no other projects on the go! I'm not sure what I'll make next...any idea's?

Tomorrow I start a new job! I'm thinking as to weather I should pack up some lunch now or wait till shouldn't take too long just sandwiches to make.....

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. I hope the new job goes well!

  2. Love what you have going so far on the quilt. I really tickled about your new job, good luck.


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