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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

FMQ take two!

Another day of labels, but at least there was less than yesterday! That was insane, so many kept on being added to the pile. Today as well as the labels I had to deal with phone calls. There was this one lady shouting down the phone at me...some people can be so impatient!  What did I ever do to them (well besides answer the phone....)
I learnt a few more things today and will gradually be taught how to do some of the other tasks there.

Back at home I chilled out a bit deciding what to actually make next. I remembered my pile of triangular scraps so pulled those out to use. I also grabbed some scrap fabric to use with them, I made a quilt sandwich pillowcase style first....need to turn it right side out....

The thread in the picture is more red than orange.....

I gave Jano a good dusting as he was starting to sound funny....a strange clicking from under the plate, I took it apart to check, but the clicking is still there? Maybe he needs to be properly serviced, but I have no idea how much that'll cost.....I'm not even sure they make the model anymore for me to get parts if they are needed. I can't afford a new machine right now so I hope it's nothing too serious if he does need fixing.

Then I decided to give the FMQ another go just making some random lines. The fabric actually moves this time!

I'll have to work out how to make actual patterns, this was just to get the rhythm of moving the fabric. some stitches were so tiny! I'll watch a few tutorials and read up a few guides to improve my skills. Then I might just be able to tackle those two quilts I have laying in wait.

Siya'll tomorrow =D