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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Out with the old in with the new!!

New blog look that is. Thanks to my followers for directing me to picmonkey seriously I saw it mentioned and thought whats all the hype about...until I went on it and fell in love!
It took me a few good hours to make a header...mainly because of the sizing, but its done.
I know you can see it but check it out here anyways
 I could have gone so many other ways, but these are my this month projects so it was perfect. I'll change it up next month to keep things fresh! I love the writing how cool it that font! It's called bleeding cowboys.

I also changed up my fonts and a few other blog page details to match up with the header.

So in sewing news I got nothing done....I was distracted by a movie Father was watching called Preachers kid an interesting movie. I liked the story behind it and the singing was great too, none of that computerised fake stuff, just good old gospel singing.

But aside from that I did whip up an apple and pear crumble for dessert. during the time the movie was on (OK so it was just the fruit, but it counts!)

So I was sketching instead, lol I just noticed how everything is at an angle except my sketch pad...

After making those coin purses I'm planning I'm going to spend some time cutting fabrics to make up those blocks. Luckily a lot of them use 2.5" strips so that'll be easier to manage. I just need to spend like a day picking out fabrics from my stash....the more I use is the more I can but back....Well that's my plan. Of course I'll save some of each to remind me of past fabric awesomeness. 

Tomorrow is set to be a fun day. We have booked to go on the LONDON EYE!!!! My camera is charged...I just need to throw some snacks into my bag. I'm more in shock that Father will be coming too. He usually stays home when we go on trips and such, but he'll get to use his fancy new camera...

As I have to be up early, my friends....

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. Oh WOW, I love the eye Mom and I rode it when we went to London! Have a great time! So wish I could go with you! Love the new look, wanna make me one?

  2. Well done on the new blog header - I tried to do one a while ago(before I heard about Picmonkey) and just couldn't do it. Hope you had a great day on the Eye. We went two Christmas' ago and it was a great day


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