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Saturday, 25 August 2012

I'm loving it!

Sometimes I just like to take a little break from sewing. My weekends are usually dedicated to kicking back and chilling out. Whether it's watching TV or grabbing my sketch book. Here are some things I'm loving today

Bed covered in sketches from quilts I bookmarked to make blocks from.

Sewing table next to bed for easy access and sketching up blocks in a neater form

The stack of cushions that I love seeing right now! The Younger Giant will be getting one (made specially) for his birthday present.  (remind me to get a bigger gift bag!!)

My Graze snacks UK followers can get a free box here just follow the instructions to grab some great yummy goodies. Tell you friends too just use the code 6NB7W5L, code can only be used once.

Also saw this swap which will start on Monday. Click the button for more information

Low Volume Swap Icon

Not pictured....
  • Going into the random sells everything shop and putting something in Father's hand (for myself) which he actually bought! 
  • Gaining yet another Tesco stalker...I know they work there but even still, seeing them in every aisle was rather funny! 
  • The pricing on a product that cost £1, but an offer said you could get 2 for £1.....
  • A random lady in Tesco at the till,  pointlessly arguing with a guy that was doing her no trouble and actually alerting security, who turned out to be the guys friend! 
  • This Alpro soya yogurt that tastes so good! 
Now does anyone know a program/website I can use to make a banner for my blog? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Next up I may get those liberty blocks finished up along with more sketches...

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. Your stack of cushions look fantastic! For banner - have you tried Picasa or picmonkey?

  2. Yes the "cushion stack" is wonderful! I've always loved those hexagon pillows......I made one for my bed awhile back and it is so pretty. Jano's cover is nice. Is that the one from your swap awhile back?

  3. Love your pile of cushions: they look fantastic. I believe that a lot of people use picmonkey for their headers?

  4. Love your new blog head, and the cushions are wonderful! You are such a busy bee! Sewing, sketching, all this cooking, whah!
    Thank you for your nice comment. I don't think I'm a no reply blogger any more. I thought I fixed it. Maybe I should check this again.

  5. I love your stacks of pillows and the new header. Fantastic!

  6. Gosh you have quite a stack of finished pieces there! Like your new header.


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