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Friday, 24 August 2012

20 finishes!!

I'm so happy they are all done I love the way they look all stacked to one corner of my room! I must confess I really don't want to see them go. They are so gorgeous sitting there full of colour! I really will need to make up some for myself, like soon..maybe this weekend...I have some sashing left over.... The buttons though so tricky to put in I sprained my arm doing so!

Mind you the sprain did not stop me making up some scrappy log cabin blocks ready to be turned into coin purses. They have since been ironed I just need to trim them down.

I pulled out the odd scraps of Liberty prints I have to make up some more scrappy blocks too. I have 10 underway to make 5 purses

The Younger Giant assisted me in making dinner. Meat feast (ham, pepperoni and a burger fried and cut to pieces, then fried again) pizzas with pineapple. The corner with no pineapple is for the Older giant.....

This pizza is mine with my lactofree cheese which can be found in UK Tesco and Asda

Tonight I'm linking up with

There and Back

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. those fabulous pillows are just begging for someone to jump in them and snuggle up :)

  2. I love the colors you have chosed for your log cabins. The pizza looks pretty good too! I am not sure if I would like the pineapple!

  3. So cute - they were worth the injury! Ice and elevate - from your sewing/ER nurse blog buddy :)

  4. Oh dear, a sprain? Who knew sewing was so dangerous :). Hope it heals quickly.
    Cute little cushions though

  5. Thanks for linking up Cherie - your pillows are so fun!

  6. What a yummy blog post : ) Love the cushions and the WIP and the pizza too!


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