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Thursday, 11 October 2012


These past few days have been crazy! Work has seen a crazy amount of people coming into the showroom! We got all new vacuums in last Friday and most them sold on Tuesday! Just yesterday the stock was refreshed and more people came in to buy today! One shelf just has one lonely cleaner sitting there! I bet the Boss will be happy to see that...and shocked, amazed, baffled as to how I sold so many.....I think I deserve a small bonus.....
It really is a pain though when you are offering the lowest price you can go and people still want it cheaper!
The most annoying thing is that the card machine is connected to the phone line. So if someone is on the phone you can't put a payment through until they come off! I was waiting 10mins for the phone to be free! Also we don't have change so if a customer needs some we have to go around asking everyone if they have some! Pain in the butt!

I've been trying to use those EPP Hexies I had lying in wait and remembered I have hardly any cushion covers! So I pulled them out to throw together a few fun designs

Yes as you may have noticed I did  use the same prints for the design ideas then changed them up when it came to putting together the actual designs. It's been fun doing some hand stitching again.
Once I finish the top flower I'll just have the other two pieced designs to make. They will be quicker as I can chain sew them in pairs. They layout with the circular centre has been changed.....

Watch this space.....

Siya'll tomorrow =D


  1. sounds like someone at your place of work has not crossed their "t's" nor dotted their "i's" and there is a lot of time being wasted because of the inefficient way they are making you work. Well I guess they have to cut corners somewhere to offer those lower prices. Your hexies will look great on those cushions!


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