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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Just keep Tri-ing....

In this case the Tri stands for Triangle! I had a load sitting on my to be sewn into something pile...I'm sure you all have one. You know those pieces you cut for a project...then they go to one side, you make a dozen other things then find them again?
I do that A LOT!! Around April/May time I cut all these triangles

They sat in a box until September when I took out a few with plans to make a few things....Only I forgot about those plans..
They could have become...table pads/mug quilts....a baby quilt....table toppers.....

Now it's October..well like coming up to the end of it...see how I like to procrastinate on making certain things...
Upon not even remembering about those ideas (I came across them and thought hmmm what was I using these for again..)...Some of them have become two cushion cover tops

This one I forgot how to sew the strips together so they are actually on a's not your eyes deceiving you! I do however like the style... I made this yesterday and it looked way worse before it was cut all nice and neat today....(meaning it was going to go back onto the one side pile and be forgotten until months later!)

Today I remembered the second time round how to sew the strips and this one came out a much straighter, I even managed to keep most of the points!
Making the second one helped me to cut the first one out to a usable size and shape! They should become 16" cushion covers....
I still have quite a few left over...they could possibly still become the above mentioned...maybe the mug  rugs....

I then decided to have a look through my to be sewn into something pile TBSSP...I found a random assortment of things...leftover wedges from my cushions (which could possibly become table runners...) 2nd MAM quilt that needs the backing made....random scraps of fabric...other cushion tops, that need to be neatened and backed......

Then there was this cushion top

I had taken out the backing to finish it only it ended up not being ironed and left to one side....I have to unpick it as I'm using a pillow case...(ah the irony!) I have since ironed just to unpick it...
Then as I was still in the mood to sew something I made another one

I staggered the pattern slightly and changed the colour arrangement (Read realised after sewing it was too small and I had to add in some extra rows of colour)  These are on the larger side and should finish to roughly 19" or so...good for a 20" cushion pad or a looser 18"
I'll get around to unpicking the cases then ironing them again and cutting out panels for the back of the two rainbow covers....For the triangular ones I'll have to raid the market stash and see If I have any polka dot prints...

Mind you as those were sitting around for a while. So knowing me I might just do some more sewing and worry about backing them weekends are for those jobs! I want to line the tops too and do some quilting on them so I also need to dig out some plain fabric....(funny how I can quilt those and not a full sizes quilt that has been waiting for months!)  No fancy FMQ more using my standard foot to quilt...which is surprisingly easy to make shapes with....

Anyhoo I best be off...sleep is calling to me! 

Siya'll later =D


  1. I also have a bunch of Triangles cut out that I forgot completely what I was going to do with them... I'll get to them eventually! :D

  2. I like both of the triangles sets you sewed.....each one has it's own charm and I really love the way you put together the second group of left over wedges.......what pretty, vibrant colors!

  3. The triangles look great. Colours are super.

  4. Girl you just keep me intrigued on what you have and what you make!! I love all the colors you have and the triangles I would never be able to get them straight. You are good!!!!!!

  5. You go girl! They all look so modern!

  6. Where are you my friend??? What are you doing as I love to look at your blog and you haven't posted lately.


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