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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Saturday finish up!

Well technically most of these things were finished during the week but due to awful weather and exhaustion no decent photo's were taken!
So coming in early where there was still some day light left I finished the Christmas hot pads, then pulled out my camera to take some pictures of everything finished this week!

First on the finish list is all the hexie cushion covers I started last week. That's 6 covers to add to my stock. All I can say is thank goodness for the market stash! Without those fabrics it would have been much longer before these were finished. I would also like to thank to good people who invented hemming web, making hems so much easier and neater.

Then I got all 6 hot pads finished too I made a start on those a while back and was waiting for the amazing Sarah-lou's package to come in the post. She offered to send me some insulated batting she had spare! She also sent a quilting magazine and a sweet belated birthday card!

I also with the help of Jano tried out some new stitches for some fun quilting styles! Jano QUILTING!!!

Tomorrow I hope to get the wadding cut for the table runners and work on a few other things for the shop. I found some large mailing bags at the post office the other day which are just the right size for those cushions I made! I'm sure a quilt could fit in them too.
I do so love the weekends! I can get so much done...(when not procrastinating that is!)

Siya'll  later =D