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Friday, 26 October 2012

The Friday update....

I told you I'd be back today...I'm sure many didn't believe that to be true! I don't blame you...
I've had quite a few finishes this week only the weather has been so rubbish getting decent photo's has been a task and a half!

This week at work ended with relief that it's the weekend! I really feel like I'm doing the job of two people! A girl came in for an interview today. She starts next Wednesday for a two week trial. I have no idea what job role she'll be doing exactly, but I guess I'll find out then! The office is getting much colder! They need to install some heating in there, it's almost like being outside!

I'll be taking pictures tomorrow when it's in the day time. That way they might stand a chance of looking decent! I'll also have time to get a decent back drop to throw in too! The memory card for Father's camera has been ordered so soon I'll have some professional photo's to show off to the masses! I'll also be able to create some business cards! Then eventually open my Etsy shop!!

Mother has said once I get that done she'll bring some things in to work to show off on my behalf. I'll also take a few things in to work with me to see if anyone is interested.....I still won't be taking custom requests mind you!

Over the next week I'll be attaching my labels to the bigger things I've made like the cushion covers, make-up bags, pouches/purses  and the cushions themselves...I may have to order some more soon. I counted how many things I have and it came to 115!! I've made a few more things since then. I'll have to start making some more baby items soon, just little toys, burp cloths. I've got some fabrics/materials prepared it's just making them!

I've been working on some hot-pads this week I have 3 finished so far just got the other 3 to make...then the table runners to finish....must remember to cut the wadding!! I also want to make a few mug warmers as my tea gets awfully cold so quickly! I'll whip one up this weekend to bring to work too, as my office is freezing food doesn't stay hot for long.
I'll also be buying a thermos flask so I don't have to leave my desk to grab lunch! I think soup will be high on my menu...I'll have to bring in some bread too...or make some....Can regular food go in a thermos? (I'll have to do some research!)

For the new year I may just whip up some more table runners. I've used some simple methods to make a few Christmas ones and they came together quickly...all but the backing! I've had fun trying some new quilting/stitches with Jano, which I also need to get decent photo's of. They came out way too bright due to the actual light being on and you couldn't see the quilting decently!

I'm going to make some more zippered pouches up soon as I have a feeling they may sell quickly. I have a few ideas in mind already...
I want to get some more cushion covers made too ready for the new year..I'll have to dig out the rest of the market stash and possibly get father to do some cutting for me.....(he is always asking......) (Which reminds me I must get some new blades!)

I'm also going to look out for any Fairs coming up so I can test the market as they say....

Well I've gone on long enough!

Siya'll Later =D


  1. I know what you mean, I am always struggling with taking photos in this light. But can't wait to see yours soon.

  2. Sounds like you have finished quite a bit of stock! Can you take in a little heater for your work space?


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