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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Behind the scenes.....

Some of you may have been wondering what's happened to me. I used to blog everyday often without fail. Then life got in the way and the motivation to blog was lost. I rarely even blog read anymore. (sorry to anyone who's blog I used to read and comment on often)
I have been trying to come online and check out what's been going on, but by the time evening rolls round I'm far too tired to stay awake.

I have been sewing through the week getting things finished here and there. The weather has been so awful though so pictures have come out looking less then great, even with the camera!

I'll be back on Friday to share all finishes, updates and progress made on everything. I may have shown in my weekend post.

Work doesn't seem to be getting any easier, by the end of the day I've lost all energy to do anything else. I'm surprised I've managed to push myself to actually make it to my sewing desk.
Make note when tired DO NOT SEW (or cut fabric!) !! This was done yesterday...


became this, after my partner in indirect terms stated how she hated the abstract style of using different sized squares/rectangles! (not that I showed the full picture!)

I had to rethink the whole design and kind of went crazy chopping and changing the above was result. It didn't turn out so good. Some squares ended up way too small! I put them all in a pile to re-think...before I did anymore damage

I spent most of today fretting how to fix it and make it work, I didn't want to waste what I had already cut up. I remembered a tutorial I had seen and tried to think whether I had enough scraps left to make it work....I had to raid my stash to find the right colours, but it worked out.

 Which one do you like best?

I found the tutorial for the block here

As my partner doesn't comment I'll have no idea if she likes it.....Fun times!

Siya'll Friday =D