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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Three Days in Mosaics....

With the craziness of the work college leaving, the end to this week was crazy busy at work. I had to learn a lot of new things in just 3 days! I was being told so many different things, it was a lot to take in. As well as the job role I had I also have most of hers added on too! She'll be working from home apparently sorting things from her end, so according to my manager I'll have 'less' work to do? 

When I've been in the mood I've pulled Jano from hiding to get some sewing done here and there. I did try out some new stitched going from C-H. Some of them I like others, eh not so much. At least each cushion cover will be unique. I just have to remember to sew my labels in (on the first I did forget! Maybe I can hand sew it in....) 

Today the Older Giant, My Bestie and I hit the trains and went to London! We checked out the Natural History Museum! After that we briefly went into the Science Museum agreeing that we would leave that for another weekend. So instead we jumped on the train for a fun journey to Camden Market! The Bro and Bestie were fascinated by it. We dais we would have to go earlier one day and spend the whole day just there! I love the stalls and shops in Camden. There is so much to see down there as there are about 5 or so different market areas! The Bestie and I got a Caricature done of the two of us. She has promised to photocopy it for me....I mean I did pay half after all!! (I knew I should have taken it and ran!)

A new twist on the Insy Winsy Spider rhyme

Siya'll Later =D


  1. I love Camden Market, especially around Christmas time

  2. I am presently at work looking at all your mosaics but can't get a good view so I will look again tomorrow when I can view them on my computer screen. Glad you got a little outing and a trip to London!


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