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Friday, 13 June 2014

One Organ Lighter

Just as I was on a roll, fabric all set out projects all ready to be finished, listings half written ready to be edited. I get an unexpected shock.

There I was casually watching a movie some three weeks today ago when I find myself in absolute agony. I had been feeling nauseous all day and there was a slight twinge of pain in my right side, but nothing compared to that evening. I just about make it down the stairs with the mind set to take some tablets only a few things occurred to me. 1. if I did take tablets I would have to stay up for an hour before they kicked in. 2. I was in no state to even swallow tablets 3. The water soluble ones may make me throw up..which is what I felt like doing, but no not good!
So there I am, water in hand deciding what to do...pain getting worse...tears beginning to stream down my face. I hear my Mother upstairs coming down to find out what is going on. She takes one look at me and goes to get the phone..I hear her calling for an ambulance. Not long after my Father comes crashing down the stairs looks at me then my Mother, hears ambulance and goes back upstairs to get changed. They inform us it may be two hours before we are called back...Who has two hours!! (even when taken in the ambulance you still end up in the A & E bay seen no quicker!)
So my Father takes me in the car...each speed bump feels like a punch to the gut...I go to A & E to check in and sit and wait....and wait.....and wait.....I'm assessed by a nurse then I go back to sit and wait....and wait....Father comes back after parking the car and we wait and wait.....and wait. Eventually I am called into an assessment ward and am checked over by multiple doctors. They assume its my appendix, but I also have polycystic cycle over so I wonder what it could be myself.
Eventually some time after 3pm I am given a bed and taken to a ward, cannula in my arm attached to a drip in pain still.
The next day assessed again. Samples taken...... pain rising..... I am sent for an ultrasound with some odd results. Fluid is on my pelvis as a cyst may or may not have burst. However I do not have polycystic ovaries and my appendix looks, but may not be OK. WHAT!

I don't believe them ( as I feel the ultrasound was not done accurately after hearing them say there was not enough water in my stomach and I was in too much pain for them to push down on my lower abdomen), but they suggest taking out my appendix would be the best/safest option....or in their case process of elimination. I am Nil by mouth until the operation...the next day that is.....the hunger setting in....

Operation over I am in 10 times more pain than when I was at home...the doctors come back and are baffled as to why/how I can still be in the same pain...I'm given pain killers...they make no difference what so ever only that they make me sick...I still can not eat because everything comes back up. I'm weak.....hungry and fed up.

They attempt another ultrasound only I am sick and they cannot perform it so they send me back to the ward. The doctors come to see me and claim everything looks OK by the results they did not actually take.....I inform them the scan was not actually done, but they brush this off.....and proceed to assess me themselves by pressing down on my abdomen...putting me in more pain than I was in......helpful!!!!

3 days later with no more knowledge as to what was actually causing the pain they kick me out. Like actually. One minute I'm lying there uncomfortably and the next " oh we need the bed for a new patient we're sending you home!" WHAT! I wasn't even ready or anything, they just about waited for my Mother to get there before ushering us to the departure lounge....I thought only existed in airports.....
I was still in agony, no clue as to what was going on, no doctors report or anything. In the lounge we were told we had to wait for the despatch papers, medication and the doctors report....My Mother was fuming. She shouted at the doctors in the lounge and they sent us to a quiet corner with a bed...they gave us dinner and drinks....they ordered us a taxi once everything had been bought down.

I thought my hospital ordeal was over, but the next day I was back in.....They had given me the wrong tablets which meant nothing I ate or drank would stay down...the pain would not get better.....and I would be none the wiser. I was informed by some other nicer doctors as to what was causing the other pains I had and the actual operation procedure. I was then able to go home the day after with the correct medication and some helpful after care advice.

Unamused to say the least I was just glad to be home. I have been sewing lightly still behind the scenes, whilst recovering...all will soon be revealed......

Watch this space!

Cherie =]


  1. Holy cow!!! That is absolutely insane and it sounds like your appendix was probably FINE! Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending lots of hugs..

  2. What an ordeal! Hope your feeling better! Get well soon!

  3. Goodness me, you have been through the mill! Hope you're feeling better soon


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