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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Disaster Strikes!

There I was going to start my new project on my sewing machine, after re-threading the bobbins of course as I knew I would need some backups. Oddly my machine wasn't working as it does, the stitches weren't connecting up as usual. So I adjusted the needle and tried again. The same thing was happening.
I took a look inside the machine and saw some thread wound up inside where it shouldn't be. I attempted to remove this with success. Only after I did so the machine still wasn't working as it should, and when I put the presser foot down it started making loud clunky noises like something had broken. Wondering if I should have left the thread.
So I had to search high and low for the receipt as it's under warranty. I plan to return it and hopefully receive a new one...that works the way it should do!
I haven't had much luck with machines, maybe I should just be a hand sewer?
Strangely though thread get's wound up a lot inside of it. Does anyone else have this machine with the same issue?