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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Just 3 more to go!!

Today I started with some list making...Creating a list of all the things I hope to sew this year! I'll make a page up next week!
Then I was further distracted as I couldn't find my book, then my trouble making brother came to ask me something.
Eventually though I did get on to finishing my blue/green Granny square blocks and finishing 2 red/orange/yellow, meaning now I have just 3 left to complete 20 in total...I've decided to make 2 smaller quilts using up 12 of the blocks and putting the other 8 into safe keeping!

Whilst I was reading Erin's Billy Button Design Blog I noticed she had been tagged and posted these questions for anyone to answer so here are my answers

1.Do you really tell your partner or your credit card how much you spend on fabric each month? I don' t have one of either so no! I use my debit card so I don't have to pay anything back! I've given my self a budget and have been good sticking to entering competitions and swaps!!

2.On average how many hours do you spend a week looking at blogs, flickr, pintrest? honest now! Far too many to be honest each day I come in from work and spend an hour or more reading blogs then back on in the evenings from 8 reading blogs again till 11 !!

3. What is your favourite show on telly at the moment? I actually haven't been watching much tv for all the sewing I've been doing!

4. If you could run away for the weekend would the sewing machine come with you? No Just my purse and a trolley suitcase to hold all my new items =D

5.  How many candles do you have in the house?  Come on...all of them! Err somewhere in the 50+ region could be closer to 80..We get so many from friends and family plus I have possibly the 50 in my room alone......

There you go Erin!

Tomorrow I should hopefully finish the last 3 blocks as well as completing some more tacking in the 2nd Hexie project =D