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Monday, 21 May 2012

A Heart to Heart

So I really wanted to get those two D16 quilts finished today. I even woke up earlier than usual...mainly to sort out the things I had to take to the post office.
I've now sent off my MSM Swap item  and the package for the ALFALC-I don't think I'll sign up next month for this swap.
I'm looking to join some more item swaps. I'm in the RATZ and have joined up to the Modernista Homemade. I like making items and trying new things.

So instead of finishing the quilts I was drafted to sew up some fabrics from the box Father got Yesterday. All the floral prints. I did manage to save a few pieces from being cut, the others are now in 2" strips..perfect for making postage stamps...or log cabins..or quite a few other blocks. The lengths vary from 5-10" Though I had to cut them down to match for some of the blocks I made.

Here are the hearts. I made five...I didn't actually want to make them to be honest. I'm pretty sure hearts are seasonal, but perhaps I'm wrong? My Father insists they're in fashion....

I have a lot more strips and scraps from cutting the be honest I don't have the heart-sorry had to be done!- to make anymore.. They are to be turned into cushions/pillows....Even Mother isn't sold on the idea...

So that's what I did well as blog reading and commenting like a crazed lunatic!
If somehow you missed it I have a new swap click here for all the info =D