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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Fabric ban broken!

It was for a good inject more colour into my fabrics! The rainbow is seriously lacking....I thought these bundles could some ways they do and in others the fabric isn't useful to me!
Ordered from My Fabric House

These ones will be added to my swap page...once I set it back up.

All these have been cut into charms..though mind you some were under 10 x10 " so I was quite annoyed by that!

A great scrap bundle!

After almost a week of scrap sorting...cutting...placing into sandwich bags....and wooden drawers. They are finally all nice and neat!

Well I need to seek out some more rainbow fabrics....refresh my swap page...make some mosaics to help...
Here's one of the fabrics Im thinking of ordering from Pink Castle Fabrics
I need to find some more purples and then some greens, reds, oranges to match the mosaics from yesterdays colours 
I'll make another mosaic to show you....

Until then. 
Siya'll tomorrow =D