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Saturday, 28 July 2012

A little help please......

So I've been doing a lot of blog reading in the past few months. Seeing various handmade items. The one that has baffled me the most is quilts.
When I read up the quilt stats and what the person intends to use it for that's when I get confused. As I haven't made many I have no idea on what the quilt sizes should be. I see some making baby quilts which range anywhere from 30"-60" which to me seems a little large for a baby, unless its a size for them to grow up into?
Square quilts also seem strange to me as most beds and such are rectangles. So two different inch sizes seem better to me.
Another one that baffles my mind are mini quilts/wall hangings. I imagine a mini quilt being something like 12" - possibly 16 at the largest. So when I read that someone has made it 18 - 30" to me that size range seems large to be putting up on a wall. Even when I was reading about doll quilts they too seemed large and I wondered how big is the doll?!

I'm sure the UK and USA metric/imperial sizing besides clothing works out the same right? or am I wrong as in the USA you use yards were we have metres....

So If any of you out there could give me some sizes what you consider to fall into the categories of mini quilts, baby quilts, lap quilts and the bed size quilts that would be really helpful.

So today I went to my besties birthday party...(though not official till the 30th)...the usual suspects were there. Which is funny as most seem to forget that I see them like every year at her party! Her Father even went as far as to ask if I was married yet. Like yeah right! Me? Married? As if!!
We ate, chatted, laughed it was a fun event as always!

In sewing news. I am going on an official as from today going on a fabric ban! I have been buying too much lately, even if it was to better my stash. My money is going down and I can no longer afford those purchases. I may even take down my swaps for a while until I can save up a bit more money.
Come this August/September I'll be sorting out my sewing things/fabric and the stock I have been making up, to open my own Etsy shop! I just have to take pictures and put together a banner, think of a name and sort pricing/shipping costs then it'll be underway.

I will leave you with some further sneaks to my next project.

Siya'll tomorrow!