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Monday, 30 July 2012

Another Sneak peak.....

Today was another quiet work day. Next week is set to be busy as the children's summer activities are running for two weeks! Cooking and gardening with 5-11 year olds (the 5-7 won;t be doing the cooking sessions) Plus I was informed another one with a different tutor will be running in the same week so a lot of children will be in the building! Fun times ahead!

Before leaving out this morning I got two parcels in the mail!

I waited till I got back home to open them. Parcel one is from the super cool Emily of Strawberry patch, we have swapped fabrics so many times in the past! She sent me two awesome orange FQ's and a bunch of fun scraps.

In the second parcel was my fabric must haves!!
9 of the gorgeous echo prints. Bought from RockpaperscissorsNJ on Etsy (sorry I cant upload the link the site is down)

Guess who made a return to my sewing THIS GUY \/

He helped in the making of this next sneak peak into my new project!

I have a few more sets to sew up then the tops at least will be complete. I'm undecided whether to use print or solid backing.....
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Siya'll tomorrow =D