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Friday, 27 December 2013

Fabric advice please

Hi everyone, I need some fabric advice.....

I haven't been around for sometime and have missed all the years fabric lines. Have you bought any fabric recently that was just too good to miss? Also I am looking to buy a jelly roll, but I have no idea what shop offers the best deals and the latest lines. I usually shop on Etsy or I check other sites out on the web. Any particular shops you buy from online?

If you have any shops or sites please let me know...

Bye for now

I be's Cheraldine =D


  1. Hey Cherie.....I think you might find some good fabric deals on jelly rolls at Green Fairy Quilts.......I think they also have some good shipping terms.....

  2. All the shops I know are in the US, and I would agree with the above comment on Green Fairy Quilts. My favorite inexpensive shop ships only to the USA, Canada and Australia -don't know why they miss the UK. As for lines, there are a lot of good ones out, but I'm not sure of your favorite types of fabrics. You might check Over the Rainbow and Dakota Cabin Quilts for their sale pages.


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