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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Colour Schemes Blue, Orange and Grey

As I have said behind the scenes I've been working on a new Colour Project. The first one is Blue, Orange and Grey.
For this quilt I'll be using the Disappearing 9 patch pattern.

 I found some graph paper whilst clearing out a few things in my room and so thought I'd put it to use in future projects when I want to see how a design will come together.
I also found a lined paper pad perfect for jotting ideas down in and having all the quilt math down on paper.. As you can see the quilt will be 3 x 4 blocks

I have finally cut into my stash of fabric after years of having it stowed away waiting to be used for just the right projects....
All the fabrics for this quilt have been cut and are waiting to be sewn.
 I'll be making the blocks with 9" squares as I want a fairly large quilt. It seems a real shame to throw these strips away but some aren't thicker than an inch.. So for now I'm keeping them stored away.

This is as far as I've gotten. I hope to be able to put them together at the weekend. I may change the design above slightly once I have all the blocks cut and ready. I'll take pictures first to see which lay out I like best...

Watch this space

Cherie =]