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Monday, 7 July 2014

Colour Schemes- Citrus

Whilst flicking through my Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine I found a quilt in the extra pull out from the ever so talented Jeni Baker!! That girl has some mad skills and has a real eye for colour! I saw this quilt and just new it would be perfect for this colour scheme. The quilt has a really cool effect once the blocks are put together. She has referenced hers as the flower power quilt displaying her Dreamin' Vintage Fabrics.
I got out my sketch pad a did some more of that Quilt Maths as I don't want my quilt to be quite as large. I'm Making mine 3 x 5. She originally used 7 1/2 " blocks with 4" white squares. 
As I was using FQ's I realised it may not stretch enough and I wanted about 3 from each FQ so I scaled down to 7" blocks with 3 1/2" white squares.....I'm a Quilt Math genius!!!
I had a fairly large piece of white fabric and started I got to the end I realised I only had enough squares for 20 blocks! Unamused I went to hunt down more fabric and found some in a more translucent white I could use and just alternate the white....I started cutting that and only had enough for another 20 blocks....I couldn't find any more.... (or maybe I'm not looking hard enough...) So will perhaps buy a white sheet to use as all the other white I have looks cream/yellow.... 

 Continue to watch this space!

Cherie =]