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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

My 25th Birthday!!!

Today I felt like celebrating in style so I asked my Father...Danville of Bigup International, please check out the blog and show follow along! If you're in the UK and need a cake check us out!

I wanted something different and unique the other evening I was sketching this
Then I thought hmmm this needs a bird....When I typed in images for a bird silhouette I came across a birdcage
The cogs in my head started spinning and I looked up images for birdcage cakes. Most looked wedding style, but I thought hmmm I can adapt this into my style and so this cake was created!

Then I brought it into work this morning and it was devoured! There is even less left now. Some of the lads from the warehouse came in at the end of the day to grab some.....amazing how men can't resist cake....I should make them more often!
And you thought Shrek had layers.......

=] I still be's Cheraldine!!

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