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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Catching the Travel Bug!-Rome

I was always interested in travelling and seeing the world. I mean why live in it if you're not going to explore it. Why not venture further than your doorstep and go out and see other countries and cultures. Last year I was fortunate enough (read could afford to) go on a few holidays with Friends and Family.
I went to Malaga. Rome. Dingle. Edinburgh. Munich.

Let's start with Rome as I didn't take many pictures in Malaga or see many places as this was a family holiday.

I went to Rome with the Older Giant. In July 2015. We did a lot of research into free museums to go into, good places to eat, free things to see and what was good value for money. I don't know about you, but I love a good bargain! Before we went we found out about the Roma pass which is 36 Euros. We purchased this in Rome once we had gotten off the plane and we going to get a taxi to the hotel. We got a shuttle bus which had several other people on. but the price was rather quite reasonable! We stayed at the Hotel Argentina which was 5-10 minutes away from the Termini train station and the Bus station depending on how fast you were walking.
It was a nice quiet hotel the room was a decent size and the beds were comfortable. They had air conditioning which helped after a morning out in the dry humid heat! However not suitable to put on through the night as it was quite loud. Our stay included breakfast which was a cold buffet and a hot and cold beverage machine. There was also a regular vending machine with Spanish snacks.

Whilst there and equipped with our Roma Pass we did our research into attractions it could be used for that weren't free and anything else we could benefit from. One thing I will mention about the pass is a lot of things in it were outdated! We found some shops had closed down, some tours were no longer running and some of the discounts were no longer available! Look into this before buying as we were a little surprised when we went to the information centre and the woman tried to tell us that we were lying!

We managed to see

The Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain-although this was boarded up due to reconstruction works! Disappointed much!

St Peter's Basilica and the Vatican City-be wary of the "guides" trying to sell you cut the line tickets. Going into the Basilica is actually free and the Vatican is 16 Euros! They were trying to charge 45 Euros! for a "private guided tour"  The queue is in a very awkward system be prepared to stand in it for up to 2 hours so go early and carry an umbrella as there is next to no shade when waiting in line. Also to go in your shoulders must be covered and your bottoms must be at least knee length.

The Colosseum-which was actually down the road from where we were staying albeit a 30min walk! With our Roma pass we got to skip the queue and go in for freeeeeee.
The Roman Forum and Palatine Hill

The Leonardo Da Vinci Museum-This was cool as it had a lot of his different inventions and sketches this cost us 8 Euros. We found this after getting lost leaving the Villa Borghese

The Pantheon-We got there and it was closed :(

Villa Borghese- We got the train here and walked to the park....Omg was it a long walk across some random field! We did discover a nearer train station after leaving. Whilst there we hopped on one of those park trains for just 3 Euros which took around the attractions in the Villa Borghese, we were so glad as it saved us walking around in the heat!

Galleria Nazionale D'arte Moderna-This was also free with the Roma Pass, we stumbled across this when going around the Villa Borghese in the other direction....

We went to a flea market that had maybe 5 "unique stalls" that was huge, but weird that every 1 in 5 stalls had the same things being sold!

We also went on a tour bus which cost 18 Euros tour which took you round the sites, the ticket covered us for 2 different buses which took you round a few different areas. We went on the tour bus at various points hopping on and off the bus at places of interest.  There was another which was 10 Euros-The Roma Cristiana which took you around the more historical sites and Cathedrals.

And we can't forget about the food! I know it may sound weird, but every time we go on holiday we look for a Chinese restaurant.... We managed to find one in Rome!

If I was going again which I one day plan to. I would not go in July-The heat is dry with little to no breeze.....and even on the day it randomly rained it was still so hot you could see steam! When you go indoors be warned it does not cool you down in any way shape or fact you actually sweat more going indoors! My advice is carry an umbrella. Also food is fairly expensive, if you plan to get a starter, main and desert be prepared with at least 30+ Euros!

Whilst you can wing it when going we are glad we planned ahead and looked up places to go. Pinterest was really informative with different pins on places to go, things to do, where to eat etc. The tour buses are a great way to get around if you want to see the sites without navigating the trains or buses.

Well that's my trip broken down and the shortened version. I hope this helps if you're planning a trip to sure to check that the Trevi fountain isn't still under construction and most attractions have websites so you can check opening times.

Watch this space for the next holiday breakdown.

IBeCheraldine =]

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