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Goodie bag Swap!!

Yesterday-Sunday 20th May..providing you were reading my blog then..if not then the post is here

So here's how it works. You tell me which 6 items you would like and whether or not you'd like a mystery selection of fabric scraps from the box too. I put them into an envelope and ship them out to you. This is open to all bloggers anywhere in the world (providing you have an address).

The majority of the threads are Sylko brand..some are Gutermann and the others are random. Some are a bit dusty, I imagine the Lady he bought them from had them for some time.
The fabric is 100 % cotton, except for the's pink and has a raised stitched effect. There are 2 other shades of gingham too. The stripes are rainbow colours
You can see each picture in the post clearer by clicking on it.

All you have to send me in return is 2 FQs of fabric or a scrap bundle or a few quilt/ bag patterns . See my swap page for fabric I'm looking for.

There are about 15 goodie bags worth of items there. So the first 15 people to comment here are eligible for the swap.

I'll keep it open until 15 people comment.

Thanks for joining in the fun =D

Gone list

  • The belt buckles. 
  • 1 goodie bag


  1. I'm in. I make a lot of children's hospital quilts, so I can use whatever for that. I'll check out what you're looking for. FQs are most likely.

  2. wow, only USA AUS and Uk,,, boo hoo not Canada


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