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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Charity shop finds.

So as well as shopping online to buy designer fabrics, I've also decided to look in charity shops too. Mainly as they always have random clothing or bedding etc in them that can be cut up and used for crafting purposes.
There are a range of them in my small town center, each with varied prices on their items. I think the cheapest so far has been in my actual town center, but hey they can't all have the same prices.
So today whilst mooching around the charity shops, and oddly spending way more time in them than expected I found these few things.
Book, which has some really helpful techniques, then the rest of the book  is pictures and information on quilts made using those techniques. 

Front of a pillowcase, I'll be using this to make my first quilt =D

The back of the pillow case above. Also will be using squares from this=D

Another pillow case. This one is rather large. Will use it for a little girls quilt 
These were the main things that caught my attention and the cases weren't part of a set. There were actual duvet sets, but they weren't as suitable as the patterns on them were too loud. I was tempted to get some valet sheets to use as backing. May have to venture back there one week and buy some....Or go to Primark on a town venture. Their items are always fairly reasonable in pricing.