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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

That sudden burst of inspiration!

I hadn't realised I haven't posted for a while. I've been rather busy these past few days. Cutting up my fabrics and starting on some new quilt projects. My order still hasn't been dispatched yet for the wadding, which gives me time to find some decent backing fabric for my baby quilts. Both quilts were made from pillow cases and some other small pieces of fabric I had. A tutorial will be posted once I've finished them completely.

Whilst at work yesterday a sudden burst of inspiration hit me. I finally decided what to make with the fabrics I'd singled out just for myself. I saw this tutorial when looking through my blog reading list and bookmarked the page for later. Which is today, no work till Thursday = more time for sewing =D
 My Quilt is with that idea in mind, but my own variation. I've used 5" squares cut into 2.5x5" strips. I had 7 rows to sew together, 26 strips to each row.. So far all I've done is sew the strips together in pairs for each row, to remake 5" squares.
The fabrics from my personal stash.

I picked out 8 FQ's and used 6 squares from each, then 12 10" squares I had. I also had to use all the scraps I had too, to make up the numbers as I needed 91 squares in total. It took a while to cut them all, but it will be worth the effort once it's finished. =D