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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fugly Fabric Party-Swap

So I posted on the Very Berry Handmade page for Ali's swap. She mailed me not long after. I picked out some of my fabrics to send to her. The ones I knew I wouldn't miss and would never use. On Monday upon getting in from work I had three lovely parcels waiting for me. One of those from Ali!!
I opened it and out tumbled more fabric scraps than I had expected. I sorted them out into piles and here there are
OK so out of these I like 2 can you guess which ones?

Out of these ones 3 were my favourite,

Out of these I like 3 the best

3 of these will go nicely with my vintage fabrics the other two hmmmm...
As you can see a varied selection of colours and styles, some modern others vintage-which will come in handy to go with the other vintage fabrics I just purchased
They are 4" squares I may cut down to make a mini quilt or I'll leave them whole and make a small quilt with some of the other fabrics from Ali. I was happy for the ones with the bears on they'll look so cute on a baby cot quilt. I also purchased these, they're also 4" squares

Bought from good old eBay. I have ordered some other fabrics, they are yet to arrive. It is a joy coming home to have something to open =D