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Saturday, 25 February 2012

It's ALMOST Finished!!!

You may have been reading my may not have been....I wont hold it against you....yet.....
I've been working on a quilt a MAM quilt-Mine All Mine- You've seen the progress, you've glanced at the pictures and some have left some very nice comments.
Today I made some more progress, So much more, that it just needs those finishing touches and it'll be done...Want to see...Of course you do...

First up the miracle that is hemming web...makes life so much sewing necessary. Just iron the hem..put this on the inside, place a damp cloth over it iron and voila a hem without the sewing hassle

 This is double-fuse interfacing. I both hate it-it's rather thick and stays that way after ironing. So if you want something that stands out use this. Also it takes a good while to fuse it to both fabrics. Love it- it gave the shapes a nice effect to go on the back.
 The following pictures are not in order HA!  So this is the back with the pins stuck in as I already attached fabric to the strip-2.5" wide
 The front with the rotary cutter loves the camera! I did it this way to save a bit of time rather then pin one cut one.
 The strips of has a strange sand paper like feel to it. One square attached.
My lovely downstairs this time the bed was occupied..... This was the first design I placed onto the back. I had quite a few shapes left so I tried again
 This was the next design the one I went with in the end, This used all the shapes..I even had to go and cut more O_O
 It was easier to pin them like this onto the fabric so the iron could glide over it with ease. It was only when turning it over to fuse it to the backing that I had to watch out for the pin heads
 I laid it out on my mothers bed as there was more space and it saved me trekking downstairs
 I had already cut the wadding and this was still 'stuck' to the quilt top. I pinned the edge over the top of the quilt for some 'easy' binding...HA!!! It took a league to sew. When I folded it to pick up the binding came away from the edges, so I had to fold it back over and pin it with some other pins vertically.
 After that drama I was done!! Flipping over the quilt some of the edges had bunched, but not enough for me to unpick them and redo it. The quilt is just for me after all.  The front =D
 The back...yes some of the shapes are wonky ...curse those pins and the iron...grrrrr!!
I'm still deciding whether or not to quilt it...Definitely adding some buttons from my button stash =D

Then the quilt will be done. A tutorial will be written and you too can make one that is YAY-Yours all Yours..ha Yay!!