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Friday, 24 February 2012

A long waited delivery and another Sneak Peak

So as you may know from reading past posts ,that I've been waiting for my wadding to be dispatched so I can finish my started 3 quilts and move on to my next projects. Well today they were delivered =D!!!!!
The large package taking up a quarter of my bed. 

I bought 4 packs of wadding 60x45". Also a book on lap quilts. A mini charm pack and some sewing machine needles.

With the wadding I was able to measure it to my MAM quilt and cut it to size....the backing fabric wasn't quite large enough to come over the front for some quick binding so I came up with a solution. Sew on an extra 2.5" of fabric to each edge of the backing!! 

I just need to iron it, hem it then sew it in place. I'm still deciding whether or not to do some quilting.

 And here is another sneak peak to my next projects =D