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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Double four Patch Cushion

As I previously mentioned and listed the projects I would be starting this year. I am happy to announce I have started one already and completed it, thanks to both my trusty hand sewing skills and the reserve sewing machine.

  • Project one the double four patch cushion from The art of Quilting Magazine. I've only gotten the first issue as it was 99p the rest are £3.99 and there are 90 or so issues. I made the decision not to invest in it. 

This will make a cover for a 40cm square cushion pad. 
You will need ( well you don't have to use these colours but this is what I used)
  • 50cm of 112cm wide beige fabric
  • 50 x 15cm of orange fabric
  • 50 x 25 cm of black fabric 
  • Matching sewing threads
  • 40cm square cushion pad 
  • 6.2cm square template and a 11.2 square template 
All seam allowances are 1/4" 

I started off by 
  • Cutting out sixteen, 6.2cm squares each in orange and beige fabric
  • Eight, 11.2cm squares of black fabric
  • Two 41.2 x 29cm rectangles of the beige fabric

  • I chain stitched one orange square to beige square, this part I did by hand as I hadn't pulled out the machine yet.
  • After that I ironed the seams to the beige side and the stitched two together in a checkerboard pattern taking a 6mm seam allowance.

  • From there I once again ironed the seams flat then stitched each checkerboard to a black square. Sewing two rectangles together to form this pattern. 
  • From there I stitched two of these patches together, once laying out the design. It was supposed to look different, but somehow I managed to sew it wrong so the design looked like this. If stitching this the pattern is supposed to look like the one in the original picture. 

  • I attached all the pieces together and ironed the whole patch and put this to one side whilst I made the back of the cover. I stitched hems onto my rectangles by folding in 1cm ironing then folding another 2.5cm and ironing that flat, before stitching the hem closed. 

  • With the right sides facing I pinned the backs to the front overlapping the hems 

  • I then stitched all the way around the cover to attach the two pieces. I ironed the cover then cut the corners.
  • I then turned the cushion the right way out and poked out the corners. Sadly I have no cushion pad, but when I do buy one I have a cover ready made :D

If you decide to make one please send me a link with the picture so I can see how yours turned out x